Monday, September 3, 2012

Wound (2010)

Directed by David Blyth

In a time when 50 Shades of Gray is introducing a new demographic to the world of BDSM, director David Blyth brings the world of BDSM on acid with a supernatural flair in Wound. His film explores the world from the mindset of a mentally damaged woman named Susan (Kate O’Rourke), who is dealing with the aftermath of lifelong trauma. By day, she is a cold call telemarketer and by night she plays a servant to feeling-less Master John (Campbell Cooley) and slave to her own mental torment.

Susan was sexually abused by her father at a young age, while her mother a great deal of time as her alter ego Mistress Ruth (Sandy Lowe), who all but turned a blind eye to her husband’s incest inhibitions while she got her freak on in her own universe. After brutally murdering her father in an act of revenge, a schoolgirl in town named Tanya (Te Kaea Beri) learns that Susan is her mother and seeks her out to learn the truth of why she was cast off as a child. What happens next is a tale of even more insanity than the previously described content as Susan enters into a breakdown of epic proportions with hallucinations, ghosts and spirits.

Unfortunately, this New Zealand import tries to be the A Serbian Film from Down Under. The film is too slow to keep any real intrigue or interest and comes off very confusing. When you finally piece everything together and get to the payoff, it is extremely weak. Wound aims for being gruesomely shocking, yet ultimately proves that gore can be bore and could have done without the shock value. It was totally unneeded and really took a lot away from the film.

The only saving graces are the otherworldly cinematography and the strong acting from O’Rourke in the lead. She really has you thinking that the elevator does not go all the way to the penthouse every time she is on screen. But you’d be better off skipping it for own sanity. 

Released by Breaking Glass Pictures and Vicious Circle.




Maurice Mitchell said...

An intense film. I probably couldn't handle it.

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