Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives (2010)

Directed by Israel Luna

Is there such a term as tranny-splotation or maybe trans-plotation? Well if there wasn’t yet, then there certainly is now thanks to Fright Flick’s Israel Luna. His tribute to Grindhouse films, Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives, is a unique film from many you are bound to find out there, and it is not concerning the plot. Using a main cast mainly consisting of transgender actors, this brings a genuine charm and entertainment lacking in a farce like To Wong Foo, even if Patrick Swayze does FTW! 

Pinky La’Trimm (Kelexis Davenport) runs an urban drag bar on the bad side of town and is the mother figure of her employees whose dancing talents bring in the dough for her club. When the sweet Bubbles (Krystal Summers) is viciously assaulted by her abusive, psychotic ex-boyfriend and his pals after they kill off two of her fellow drag queens, Pinky and Rachel Slurr (William Belli) get “ticked-off” and decide to turn the tides against their offenders.

The raw and violent yet somewhat bizarrely comedic style Luna shows off in Ticked-Off is also evident in his follow up, Fright Flick, but this film is easily an extremely more entertaining effort. Apparently, this film caused some controversy when it was released, but did nothing than give this film some unintentional exposure and shine. Controversy creates cash after all - at least that’s what Eric Bischoff titled his book. He also delivers a true Grindhouse feel, with his choice of the film’s look and feel, including both reels that burn or are missing altogether. 

Even if you are uncomfortable with alternative lifestyles you might be not be accustomed to, you cannot help but take to these characters within the first few minutes. These girls are so damn likable, funny and fiery. Considering this is most of the cast’s first and only film credits, you will be shocked about how naturally they appear and perform on screen. Of course, this will also make you feel their pain when they are assaulted and murdered for no reason just because of their choice on how they harmlessly want to live their lives by Bubbles’ whacked out stalker and his goofy pals. But you will certainly cheer them on once they learn how to stand up to their foes and get ready to kick some butt.

Luna is one of the few filmmakers who can make hilarity out of situations when they wouldn’t be funny otherwise. Comas, anal invasion with foreign objects and speech impediments caused by brain damage are just some of the subject matter that will make you laugh while you make sure no one is around to see you do so. So yes, a To Wong Foo and Priscilla: Queen of the Desert this is not. They are not even close to what your eyes will see in this flick.

A combination of a wonderful cast and Luna’s zany direction makes this one a guilty pleasure and a low budget gem. If you haven’t yet, you need to indulge some dark transgender comedy by enjoying getting ticked-off with these trannies in their vicious “drag” race against the cruel and delusional.

Available now through Breaking Glass Pictures at their website.  

3.5 out of 5 Creeper Santas






Planet of Terror said...

Hilarious. Loved this one. A lot of wacky fun. The ladies live in Dallas not too far from me, BTW. Maybe I should set up a podcast?

izzyluna said...

Thank you so much for the amazing review! Mind if I post this on our TOTWK Facebook page? Thanks!

Israel - writer/director

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