Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol (2012)

Directed by Aramis Sartorio (AKA Tommy Pistol)

Ginger Lynn, Traci Lords, Ashlyn Gere, Stacy Valentine…many adult film stars have tried to make a break into mainstream cinema. Some have been successful and turned out a decent career while many others have failed and returned to their smutty roots. But how many of them can say that they were the star of their own film that was named after them...and was a male adult film star to boot? Tommy Pistol can, that’s who!

After being canned from yet another dead end job, Tommy Pistol’s wife and child hit the bricks and leave him to his own undoing as he desperately tries to make it as a legit professional actor. Once he settles into a nap, the film transforms from a comedy-drama into one of the most bizarre horror anthologies ever made. Tommy’s dreams are split into three stories. In the first, he is a geeky actor wannabe who travels to the West Coast and unknowingly stars in a snuff film. In the second tale, he hijacks an Arnold Schwarzenegger film to disastrous results. Finally, the last tale is about a radioactive spider that bites a porn star and creates havoc on the set.

If you know of Mr. Pistol or are familiar with his work, you will know what kind of gruesomeness, depravity and dry comedy to expect going in. At first, the film comes across as goofy fun, with a crazy nod to Morgan Freeman’s voice over work from Shawshank Redemption, but then downward spirals into being too ridiculous for its own good. Horror fans are REALLY going to hate it because it is labeled as a horror film, yet nothing horrific happens until 35 minutes in! And the horror is nothing more than over-the-top, gratuitous gore and horror of the Troma kind. In fact, this film should bot be considered horror but fall into its own genre.

The fact that the running time is too long and ends on a somber and depressing, out-of-leftfield note that clashes against the grain what we witnessed throughout the film, really makes you wish that it would have finished up as the comedy it was within the first half-hour. It is worth watching once just for the zaniness of it all, and to see how much fun you can tell Tommy Pistol is having with his flick, but don’t expect repeat viewing worthiness or anything that will better your life for watching it at all.

Released by Breaking Glass Productions and Vicious Circle.




Planet of Terror said...

One of the worst horror films I've seen this year. Fucking atrocious.

Xander Lawson said...

Forget just this year - it's one of the worst of all time. I'd suggest taking out a PPLIC plan to cover yourself beforehand if you really must watch this huge disappointment.

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