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WWE No Way Out 2012 Recap & Results

Hailing from IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ, it is time for WWE's next PPV! For many wrestlers, there is no way out of the path of destruction that sees many angles play out after last month's Over the Limit. There will be title matches and revenge bouts, but no Brock Lesnar in the foreseeable future. Without further adieu, let's head to ringside for all the action...

YouTube Pre-Show: The Funkasaurus vs. David Otunga

This match was added this past week on Raw. There was really no build to this one, so it seems that The Funk will rock NJ. This will not be a usual Funk-a-squash match, but he will probably be victorious over everyone's least liked part-time lawyer.

Funkasaurus wins via a countout.

After the big suplex, Otunga rolled to the outside and refused to come back in for a countout loss. This was by far the worst pre-show match with Otunga on the offensive for most of the match until the anti-climatic finish.

Now on to the matches you needed to pay for...

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match 
Sheamus (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Due to Del Rio's real life concussion injury, Ziggler won an elimination Fatal 4-Way on Raw to earn a shot at Sheamus. Ziggler will probably face the same fate as Del Rio would have at NWO, with a Sheamus Brogue Kick victory, but maybe the WWE will shake things up and give Dolph a must deserved title run. He needs the title to establish credibility a lot more than Sheamus needs to right now and would set up a great chase for Sheamus leading to Summerslam. But since this was a last minute decision, that will likely not happen. At least it seems that the long building split between Ziggler and Swagger will finally transpire.

Sheamus pinned Ziggler after the Brogue Kick

What a way to kick off the show. Really entertaining match with some great spots from both Sheamus and Ziggler. Both men really wrung each other through the ringer, but it was a lot better than expected especially on short notice.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Johnny Lauriniatis treis to suck up to Vince McMahon, but Vince isn't having any of it. 

Tuxedo Match 
Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriquez

Time for a gimmick comedy match. Usually frown on something like this, but considering the participants are so likeable, it is worth a watch...for free on Raw, not for $60.

Santino wins after hitting Ricardo with a "foot" Cobra.

"BORING!" chants throughout from the NJ crowd. Again, this would have been great for free, not on a $60 PPV or for those who paid to be in the IZOD.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: CM Punk talks up his opponent and the fact that he loves crazy chicks like AJ, who kisses him and wishes him good luck.

  Intercontinental Championship Match
Cody Rhodes vs. Christian (c)

This has the potential to be the second best match on the card and one worth watching for some serious wrestling action. Ever since Christian's surprise return challenge and winning the IC strap from Cody Rhodes, Rhodes invokes his rematch clause wiht the promise of taking his title back now that he has time to properly prepare for his opponent this time around. Christian is back for the peeps since his months-long injury and inducting Edge at the Hall of Fame before Wrestlemania has made him think twice about remaining the crybaby he was for the latter part of 2011.

Christian retains the title after hitting the Spear.

Great match from two great in-ring performers, who told a great story tonight. This one was just as good if not better than their last title match at Over The Limit. This is the type if match that will continue to build back credibility to the Intercontinental Championship and make the title worth fighting for, according to story lines. Excellent spots, reversals and well done false finishes. Now is it time for a world title program for one Cody Rhodes? Of course seeing them one more time would not be a bad thing either.

 Surprise Match: 4-Way Tag Match to Determine #1 Contenders
Epico/Primo vs. Prime Time Players vs. Tyosn Kidd/Justin Gabriel vs. The Usos

A tag match as the fourth match of the PPV, and a 4-way to boot? Is the WWE really trying to up the tag team division for real this time? Epico and Primo have been great for some time, The Usos are capabale of some good scrapping, the Prime Time Players have been a pleasant surprise since their debut a few months back, and a Gabriel-Kidd union sounds like some good high-flyin' fun. Now, how much time will the match get and is the 'E ready to make tag team wrestling interesting again?

The Primetime Players won after Titus pinned Primo. AW turned on Epico/Primo and is now the manager for the PTP.

Not bad, but the crowd wasn't into it. There was no build up to this so that is to be expected. Epico/Primo put it all on the line again as usual. Oh WWE, please give Tyson Kidd a push. He is literally the most talented and under-utilized talent on the roster. The hurracanrana to the outside from him was absolutely amazing and finally got the crowd into the match! The addition of tag team angle between AW/PTP and Epico/Primo stemming from this match is a good sign for things to come in the future for the division.

In-Ring Interview: HHH 

Wow...people are paying good money with time spent during a PPV...on an interview. Oh but it is HHH, so that's ok. Pfft! Lots of boos from the IZOD because they feel the same way. This could have and should have waited until tomorrow night for free, but HHH's ego knows no boundaries. Don't worry, Trips, if Austin came back you'd be forced into second place again by the fans no matter who you are married to. Listen to the fans doing the "What?!" and "No-No-No!" to you and booing you to hurry off the stage.

HHH talked about having a real corporate job now, dealing with lawsuits, how he is a fighter, and how he wants to fight Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Yeah, huge shocker. The SummerSlam match has already lost its appeal because there is no way HHH's ego can handle a loss to Lesnar. So that was 10+ down the tubes and the fans' reactions are the proof.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: AJ has a conversation with Daniel Bryan before wishing him luck.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Layla (c)

As much as the Divas division has been considered a "who cares?", Layla has made the women's division even more of a bore while being on top. Probably time for Layla to drop the strap to Beth and finally, finally set up the inevitable Phoenix-Kharma showdown fans have been drooling about for months.

Layla retains Divas Title when she neckbreakered Beth Phoenix.

Very little excitement from the crowd for this matchup. Layla can wrestle, as can Phoenix, but she has generated little interest as champ. Status quo 2012 Diva's match and more forcing Layla down our throats.  

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: AJ wishes Kane good luck. As she leaves, Kane pulls her back in for a make-out session.

Surprise Match:
Sin Cara vs. Hunico

Time for a surprise good Sin Cara vs. dark Sin Cara PPV match to fill some time and help keep boosting the Faceless one to the top again. These guys always have great matches as they contain similar styles and know each other's tendencies very well.

Sin Cara defeats Hunico after hitting his funky finisher.

No real botches and a fun little Mexican style matchup. Glad to see they made Hunico look string even in defeat. The "We Want Ryder! WOO-WOO-WOO!" chants were the only pop-esque things coming from the crowd throughout no matter the high-flying action happening in the ring.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: AJ wishes Kane good luck. As she leaves, Kane pulls her back in for a make-out session.

  WWE Title Match 3-Way Match
Kane vs. CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

No offense to Kane, but did they really need to add him into this feud? Bryan and Punk could very easily be in line for pulling off another 5-Star match, but Kane somehow ended up in the middle. Add in AJ moving away from CM Punk to stalk Kane and this angle is one giant WTF?! That being said, unless the WWE wants to build toward something for Punk at Summerslam, odds are that Cult of Personality will be playing in the arena when all is said and done.

Punk retains title after hitting Kane with the GTS after he was distracted by accidentally running into AJ.

The pop for Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were literally like Hogan and Savage as faces in the 80's. It felt like my TV speakers were going to blow out. These two were seriously over tonight. As expected, Bryan and Punk carried Kane throughout in his highest "Star" match ever. By Kane carrying AJ to the back, it looks like we will be treated to another installment of a "beauty and the beast" angle or another ruse by her to help Punk keep the title. We will learn more on Raw tomorrow.

 Handicap Match
Ryback vs. two jobbers
Ryback is in another squash match that follows the WWE title match and precedes the main event in a surprise handicap match for the second consecutive PPV. Ryback SMASH once again, but can he actually work a real match against real talent? This has already gotten extremely old and is wasting more of paying fans' cash. Shame on you, Vince.

Ryback once again, of course.

 NJ did the "Goldberg" chant for the entire match and then relentlessly booed him (not in a good heat way) out of the ring.  Waste of time and the fans were vocal about that fact. You listening, WWE?

Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Big Show

Not really sure why the WWE thought that Big Show's umpteenth heel turn would be a ratings boost, but they should have scrapped this one due to fans' reaction week after week. In response, Vince has his Mr. McMahon character return and put himself at ringside where he will fire John Laurinaitis if Show loses. Once again, titleless Cena is in the main event which continues to devalue the World Titles and we are treated to yet another Cena-Show showdown? Maybe this has something to do with the rumored troubles backstage with Lesnar. Hopefully this will be the end of the feud so Cena and Show can move on to fresh territory.

John Cena wins by escaping the cage before Big Show. McMahon fired John Laurinaitis before he is given an Attitude Adjustment through the table.

This one was the slow, boring retread that was expected until the ending with run-ins of many of Big Show's victims like Funkasaurus, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Santino Marella, and Alex Riley. Considering the reaction from the fans, this one would have been better as the runner-up match instead of the go-home match. Thankfully, there was no McMahon "swerve" and that People Power has finally come to an end with a major pop from hearing Vince yell, "Youuuu'rrreee....Fffiiiiiirrrrreeedddd!"


You tell 'em, Lex! Easily the worst PPV of 2012. The opener with Sheamus-Ziggler, Edge vs. Christian for the IC strap, the 4-way tag team battle and the 3-way WWE title matches were the only matches worth watching.  Having another Cara-Hunico match, the out of place HHH interview, the tuxedo match, and the Ryback squash invoked a serious case of buyer's remorse. The negatives definitely outweighed the positives here with tons of filler matches, as the focus of this PPV was geared more towards the two future PPVs: Money in the Bank and SummerSlam. This one was definitely not worth your time and cash, friends, and Vince has a lot of cojones doing a wasteful PPV like this in front of a smart NJ crowd. Plus, we were not given the full 3 hours. 

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