Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Recovery: Popcorn, Kamala T-Shirts, WWE ’12, Limearitas, Market Basket, and Tony Todd

After an awesome weekend with the Jones sisters two weeks ago and an exciting time with our two good friends in the Midwest just this past weekend, my most excellent friends John Squires, Jen Carroll and Kristy Jett, who I met from my blogging endeavors, finally visited my stomping grounds for a weekend of a legendary proportions. We have always had legendary experiences when we all got together in the past, but this time was especially important because this would be the first time they’d be meeting my other half, Mrs. Man-Cave herself, Jules. 

Friday was an appropriate kickoff, with Jules valiantly driving us in terrible weather to get to The Colonial Theater in Phoenixville. There were reports of tornadoes in the area, so that was even more worrisome, but we carried on nonetheless. After meeting up with Kristy and loading up on some Triple Pale Ales at the Pickering Creek Inn, we headed over to the theater to view an original 35mm print of the film Popcorn. Now if you don’t know Kristy Jett, this film means A LOT to her. It’s like Hard Rock Zombies to me, if that helps gauge things. She was very excited to see the film on the big screen and delivered a proper introduction to the audience before it started. I have been living here for close to 8 years now and never learned about The Colonial’s unique screenings outside of Blobfest every summer - like Italian Horror film fests, old horror films like A Nightmare on Elm Street IV: The Dream Master and non-horror cult classics like Dazed and Confused. Again, I have no idea I have not heard about the awesome going-ons in Phoenixville’s classic theater until this night and am definitely catching that screening of Dream Master before the summer’s out. Bonus points for the evening were meeting some very cool people including Mary Bastian and Tom Bryce of S*** Movie Fest fame.

Post-Popcorn, we headed back home in even worse weather (at night, no less) to my crib where we continued to drink beer and play video games. WWE ’12 was in the machine, so we jammed on that for a bit. 
The next day was Adventure Saturday, started by getting our guests their first real Philly Cheesecakes, I mean Cheesesteaks, and Broccoli Bites. Jules and I have been searching months to locate and try some Bud Limearitas yet have always come up empty. Well this establishment had them in stock, so we finally got to try them for ourselves. And the verdict is that they are delicious and pack a wallop at the same time! Definitely packed a buzz even after I devoured my cheesecake, I mean cheesesteak.

My mother-in-law had some tables in a large garage sale nearby, so we all went over there to see if we could find some warez. After I found a replacement Seemed like a dud until we got to this one section that a mass of old comic books sealed in plastic for dirt cheap. We all managed to find something we liked. For Kristy, it was two editions of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Total Recall, John found a comic entitled Satan’s Six…guest starring Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th (or is it Vorhees?) and I found these gems which I am surprised I never heard of before: Mr. T & T-Force. I need to speak in depth about these suckers in another post, but I will leave you with this picture of "Fool Pitiness" for now…

Next, we headed to the city and got off on the stop near where the Wizard World Comic Con was being held that weekend. Of course we got to see fun sights such as women dressed up as slutty Wonder Woman and Supergirl, for example, before meeting up with Kevin Miller of House of Mysterious Secrets, a kind gentleman who is the only living soul I know besides myself that purchased an Evil Dead 2 shirt from the back of a Fangoria magazine in the 80’s.

After checking out a cupcake joint to appease the ladies, we had drinks and grub at El Vez (while somehow skipping the “Tito Santana”-named guacamole dish) before piling into Fergie’s Pub. It was Philly Beer Week (isn't it always "beer" week in the city?), so the city was filled with usual brew that are normally so common, such as Duvel. This one is a personal favorite beer of mine with the highest rating ever on my Booze Reviews (which desperately needs to make a comeback) and one I have endlessly promoted to John several times in the past. So like the Ultimate Warrior used to say about the planets, stars and moons all aligning…we had to have one…or two.

We headed back to my house and tore into some specialty beer that the Squires’ were nice enough to bring along, including another one of my top choices La Fin Du Monde (muchos thankos, Boots!). Somehow we ended up playing WWE ’12 again, talking about Holliston and Adam Green, and chatting about Tony Todd’s ram-page once again before crashing out for the night. Team Squires headed back early to avoid traffic, so I took Kristy to a local breakfast joint before parting ways.

Overall, it was great to hang with them since work has thwarted my last couple of chances to see them at Monster-Mania.  The interesting part about this particular visit is that they are the first pals of mine I met from the Bloggersphere to actually Enter the Man-Cave (#vintagereference #mindoutofthe gutter). As always, the time went by in an eye blink, because time flies when you are getting hammered and spending the weekend with such good-spirited friends…and the only ones to properly spell my first name or appreciates the genius that is a Kamala shirt.

If you want to read another view of this weekend excursion and some more screen caps, please check out John’s blog over at Freddy in Space.


DrunkethWizerd said...

Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas!? E-gah... do you know how many carbs are in a single can of that shit alone?

The Man-Cave said...

Wizerd - Not sure of the carbs, but I believe one of us figured out there are 660 calories in one. Like drinking a cheesesteak.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Awesome time dude. Those definitely look like Philly Cheesecakes. ;)
- Maurice Mitchell
The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
@thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

Chuck said...

I like the Kamala shirts! Dude this sounds like a rockin' weekend...and Philly Cheesesteaks!!! Excellent.

The Man-Cave said...

Maurice - I kept drunkenly saying cheesecakes instead of steaks all weekend. Ha!

Chuck - I NEED THAT SHIRT! Poor guy just had his foot amputated so all proceeds go to his medical bills.

Jay Amabile said...

Sounds like a great time dude! Gotta get together soon!

The Man-Cave said...

Co-sign! Let's make it happen, Jay!!

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