Thursday, June 28, 2012

VICKI (2012)

Directed by Bill Palmer

80’s horror films…oh how we miss them! Well, writer/director Bill Palmer really longs for them even more than we do as evident in his hilarious short film Vicki. Palmer takes us all on a trip down memory lane as he parodies some of the genre greats that were filmed during that decade.

When Leslie Waterhatch (Adam Conger) is assaulted by a trio of typical 80’s thugs and has his precious bicycle destroyed in the process, he decides to purchase a hot sports car that does a little more than change his disposition. He names his precious yellow hot rod Vicki and she makes sure he becomes the most bad ass dude in 80’s-ville, while stopping at nothing to make sure he inflicts just revenge on his cruel assailants. Once Leslie is able to hook up with the resident hottie, Vicki shows that she wants her owner all to himself and is not afraid to get her wheels dirty to do so.

Sounds exactly like Stephen King’s Christine, right? Well that’s the point. Palmer recreates many of the decade’s horror moments with tongue firmly in cheek. From a Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket to gigantic cell phones, this short implements many subtleties that will take you back to a time when the typical cinematic formula of geek vs. villain reigned supreme. Another great addition to his film is its awesome and relevant soundtrack. See if you can spot songs most memorable from being in films such as The Lost Boys

The best thing about short films is their ability to make a flick enjoyable in a sprint rather than a marathon. If Vicki ran at a feature film length, it is unsure whether it would suffer from the “beating a dead horse” syndrome found in other throwback parodies like Not Another Teen Movie. Instead, it is a fun little romp whose 14 minutes fly by and will leave you wanting more.

If you are a child product of the 80’s and want to enjoy a film with the genuine heart and spirit of horror flicks from that time period, seek out Palmer’s Vicki. There’s more under the hood than meets the eye.



VICKI from Bill Palmer on Vimeo.



Powdered Toast Man said...

I would of named the car Bertrice. I always read you posts about these short horror movies but then I go on to the next blog and forget about them and never seek them out.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Sounds like a cool flick. There are a bunch of short films that have been made into movies that fell flat for me.

The Man-Cave said...

PTM - The link to the film is right above your post. This is one of the few that is actually free and can be seen in its entirety on Vimeo.

Maurice - This one serves better as a short. Any expansion will kill its charm.

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