Friday, June 22, 2012

Kickstart the Heart: The Last Buck Hunt

I rarely support any Kickstarter campaigns unless I respect the people involved enough to do so. Back in March, I wrote about the hilarious Butler Brothers' quest to film a new web series on pervy superheroes, because I totally dig their humor and know I would enjoy another one of their projects that would once again garner many an award. Today, I am in support of two friends, Nick and Becky Sayers of The Horror Effect & Fistful of Awesome, who have a Kickstarter campaign for their second feature film, The Last Buck Hunt.

The Last Buck Hunt is a horror-comedy about a TV crew who head to Washington State in order to hunt down a legendary buck whose size reaches epic proportions. Of course things do not go well for the crew and have to overcome many obstacles to land their white whale. Inspired by The Last Exorcism and District 9, this film rides the thin line between a documentary and a true cinematic approach. As mentioned, it is a horror-comedy with an emphasis on the comedy. 

Their debut film, Break, had an ambitious plot with the Sayers' using many of their friends and family in the cast. This time around, they want to use professional actors and some cool creature designs for Buck Hunt to help deliver a more polished end product. Thus, they have initiated a Kickstarter campaign to hope they can get this project off the ground.

Not only are the Sayers my pals, but I respect their desire to chase their dream. And the film legitimately sounds like an absolute hoot. A giant killer deer? Please sign me up!

They do not have much time left to raise the scratch, so please check out their Kickstarter page when you get a chance.



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Gotta love the Motley Crue reference. Thanks Geof! :)

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