Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Search Of...Worthless Stuff: Masoyiyata/Titanic (2003)

This is Indiana Jonesing here on the hunt for another lost covenant in useless junk. In this second installment of the “In Search Of...Worthless Stuff”, I journey out to the land of Nigeria for my next wanted prize.

The other day I was in the theater seething as I saw a trailer for Titanic being re-released in 3D, no less. The film is one of the most successful pictures in cinematic history and is a mainstay on premium and basic cable as well. Even if you try every tactic in your power to avoid it, Titanic will pop up on your television screen and “find you” one way or the other. The reason I was seething was not that Hollywood marketed another way to make billions of dollars on a film they already made billions on already thus robbing consumers of their hard earned cash, but the fact that locating Titanic to watch is as common as white bread, yet its little known brother still has yet to see the light of day in the U.S. or anywhere for that matter. Yes Man-Cavers, Titanic has a 2003 Nigerian knockoff entitled...


...but creating world peace would be easier to do than tracking a copy of this down! 

If you remember my birthday post on The Man-Cave’s Facebook page in June, I posted the trailer for this film and asked anyone who needed last minute gift ideas for me to get me a copy. Of course that didn’t happen because either people really don’t like me that much or due to the fact that it is impossible to locate. There isn’t even an IMDB page for it. This sucker is more rare than a London Broil served at a legit steakhouse. 

Please take six minutes to watch the only blessed clips of the film available on YouTube by clicking on the following link…

Wasn’t that breathtaking? It just stimulates your taste buds for the five-course meal contained in the remaining running time, doesn’t it? Director Farouk Ashu Brown used pennies (or whatever the Nigerian equivalent is to pennies) and created what it took millions for esteemed filmmaker James Cameron to accomplish. Mind you, it appears that Brown heisted a lot of the big budget boat footage from Cameron’s picture…but still, I think there is something about foreign laws or something, so all’s fair in love and war and all that.

As much as I long for the day to see Masoyiyata’s female lead to sing a duet with Celine Dion, my heart goes on…in hopes of finally watching this epic film. I was able to find one report that explains the concept of the film, which states that it is basically a Nigerian version of Titanic using an all-Nigerian cast and a downer for an ending just like Cameron's version. Dude…sign me up!

This bad boy is listed right up there in importance with Dead End aka Zombietown from the first “In Search Of…Worthless Stuff” installment, so you know the drill…

If you own a copy of the film and want some great karma or maybe want to work out some kind of trade, please contact me. Help me collect this Ark of the Coven-not and become awarded Man-Caver of the Year…with an instant “It Award” dedicated to you in the upcoming “2012 Man-Cave It & S*** Awards”!

Do you own a copy? Have you seen it? Have you heard about it? I WANT TO HEAR YOUR ACCOUNTS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!


raculfright_13 said...

This is my all time sought after movie. If you find a copy, please make me one! If I find it, i guarantee you will get a copy from me!

The Man-Cave said...

Racul...you have got yourself a deal there. Book it!

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