Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Elusive Man (2010)

Directed by Marc Roussel and Mark Sanders

From Mark Sanders and Marc Roussel, the mind behind the stellar horror short Remote in 2010, comes a tasty film noir piece with a bit of dark comedy. In the short film The Elusive Man, many members from Remote are reunited for a story that will make you appreciate classic artwork in a rather unusual way.  

George Sutherland, a brasher and deviant version of “Daddy Warbucks”, is kidnapped by a mysterious criminal unit led by sultry Senorita Peligro (Veronika London). They are determined to learn the location of “The Elusive Man” from George and will do whatever they can to track him down, especially with a skillful doctor (Ron Basch) at their disposal, even though poor George has no idea who they are talking about. Making matters worse is George’s trophy wife Angela (Samantha Farrow), along with her secret lover, who finally has a chance to cash out from their marriage and cash in for some profit by sacrificing her hubby in the process. But with film noir, you know things never transpire as planned, with more twists and turns than a roller coaster.

Who or what is The Elusive Man in this flick? Well in order to not spoil the fun and surprises, you are going to have to find out for yourself. At a little over 15 minutes long, you will be wishing that this film could have been more fleshed out. However, the filmmakers are able to use the most of their limited budget by using great cinematography, including some radical camera angles and neat split-screen usage. There is some fantastically deployed set design and costuming, which all adds to the excitement.

This is probably the best short film of 2010 that did not receive the shine it deserves. Perhaps it was due to being overshadowed by Remote, which became such an award-winning indie phenomenon around the same time frame. But it does not make this film any less worth your time to watch and enjoy it.

Make sure this little gem does not elude you and catch The Elusive Man now for FREE on Vimeo (see below)



THE ELUSIVE MAN from Marc Roussel on Vimeo.



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