Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Second Best Sports Siblings: Brett Lindros

Professional sports are filled with some great sibling athletes who have left a mark on their individual sports. You have Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning, Serena and Venus Williams in tennis, NHL's Henrik and Daniel Sedin plus Eric and Jordan Staal, and MLB's Roberto and Sandy Alomar as well as Moises and Felipe Alou. Their accomplishments and notoriety are well documented with a billion sports stories you can find everywhere on the web.

Then there are those siblings who have black eyes on their sport and are clearly the child who are least talked about at family get togethers around the holidays. Today we explore these little talked about pro sports never-were's and give the poor peeps some shine that I'm sure Dad hasn't given them since they graduated high school.

                         Today’s Induction: Brett Lindros

Say what you want about Eric Lindros' failure to win a Stanley Cup, but head injuries and lack of maturity halted him from being mentioned in the same breathe as Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. He had a solid career while using his rare hybrid of speed, physicality and point scoring ability as shown during his 1995 Hart Trophy season and 7 All Star Game Selections. Before Scott Stevens turned his brains into jelly during 2000 Eastern Conference Finals, he was fun to watch on the ice.

Then there was Brett Lindros. He had the same facial features as his brother, but was pretty much a goon who was selected by the New York Islanders ninth overall in the 1994 draft based on his last name alone. The only notable thing he would do was to have fist fights with his bro during Isles-Flyers games...if that's any indication of what type of player he was. 

Unfortunately, he showed that soft noggins were in the Lindros DNA and was forced to retire in 1996 after playing in only 51 games across two season while amassing a mere 7 points (2 G, 5 A) and a whopping 147 penalty minutes. His downward spiral in life continued in a 2001 snowmobile accident where he was charged with operating a snow machine without a license or permit, under the influence of alcohol no less.

But he did become the spokesperson for professional sports head injuries and even used his good looks and swagger to host some sports programming up until the time of his accident. And for that, we salute you Brett and your 7 NHL points...which are 7 more than most of us have totaled in our lifetimes.

                                        Tale of the Tape:
Eric Lindros, C ('92 - '07)

Career Stats:   372 G - 493 A - 865 P - 1398 PIM
  Accolades:   7 All Star Game Appearances
                                1995 Hart Trophy  for League MVP

Brett Lindros, RW ('94 - '96)

Career Stats:   2 G - 5 A - 7 P - 147 PIM
                                       Accolades:   N/A



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