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WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Results and Recap

Just a few weeks after Wrestlemania 28, the WWE asks you for another $55 donation to see their next PPV live from Chicago, Extreme Rules. To justify your wallet's extraction, Vince McMahon did the unthinkable, the improbable, and the impossible by bringing former WWE and UFC champ Brock Lesnar back home. Of course, never underestimate the power of a guaranteed one-year, 5 million dollar contract. Each match has an "extreme" stipulation that sets this PPV from the rest, so as they say in UFC "Let's Get It On!"

YouTube Pre-Show: Extreme U.S. Title Match
Santino Marella (c) vs. The Miz

Where has The Miz been since helping Team Johnny win at Wrestlemania? He has no story line and nothing to do on TV, so they throw him in a match here for the U.S. Title. Santino is such a great comedy act that the U.S. Title serves him no purpose any longer, but it could help Miz rebuild his quickly flushed credibility. The sad thing is that they are giving this match away for free, so the importance of it deems low at this point.

Santino retains the U.S. Title via The Cobra. 

Guess Miz is done in the WWE. He started things off well when he first came out and trashed Chicago in typical Miz fashion while complaining that he has fallen far from the main event scene. Good kickoff and a free match to boot so no complaints here.

Now on to the matches you needed to pay for...

Extreme Falls Count Anywhere Match
Randy Orton vs. Kane

They still had nothing for these guys to do, so they dragged this feud out for this event. Good thing it's on first to get it out of the way. Kane won the match at 'Mania and Orton followed up with a win the next night. This is the blow off match and all signs point to Randy putting Kane away and sparing us all of this angle continuing any further.

Orton wins the RKO.  

Even though this feud has been a steady flat-line, this match was surprisingly entertaining with weapons being involved in the match less than two minutes into it. They left the ring early and never looked back, so we definitely got our fill of no falls counting any and everywhere. Then Orton with machine gun chair shots on Kane was just brutal. And we got to see Zack Ryder on the PPV for a cameo in this match.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Johnny Lauriniatis and Eve drink champagne in celebration of People Power and humiliate Teddy Long once again. Triple H calls Johnny's cell to tell him something important off-camera. Guess we'll find out later.

 Surprise Match 
"The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler

This one came out of nowhere. I think most people really liked The Funkasaurus gimmick until Hornswoggle wad added to the mix, so hopefully they will dump him from it soon. Anyway, to continue the feud of Clay vs. Guerrero's Stable, we have this added attraction. Good news is that Ziggler is on the PPV, but bad news is that he will probably be jobber fodder to Clay.

Clay wins via pin after the body splash.
Chicago crowd cheered for Ziggler the whole time. Gotta love Chicago for being smart fans! It wasn't a squash match thankfully, but the result was still as expected. 

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: We see a flashback from the Pre-Show where Eve makes Teddy Long spin the wheel to determine the stipulation of the Rhodes-Show match, which spun to a Tables Match.

WWE Intercontinental Championship (Tables Match)
Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show (c)

Ever since Big Show won the IC belt at WM, it seems to have lost all of the prestige and credibility that Rhodes was hoping to bring back to the title. It's not Big Show's fault. It's just that he has been involved in a ton of tag matches with Great Khali and not actually defending the title, making it more a prop than anything. He has been getting over on embarrassing Rhodes lately, so it seems that the title will be hotshot back to Rhodes now that Show had his Wrestlemania moment. If not, maybe Rhodes is next in line for a great world title run?

Rhodes recaptures the title after he kicks Show who slips off the apron causing his foot to fall through the table.

Whew that was a mouthful of a result! After being beat up throughout most of this short match, Rhodes used his cunning to make Show "botch" and take the title back. In what seemed to be an attempt at a "double turn", Show blindsided Rhodes with a spear and threw him through a few tables. Rhodes showed his tenacity by getting up from the last bump after officials seemed like they were calling for the stretcher and walked out with his belt on his own accord to many loud chants from the fans.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Daniel Bryan explains the many reasons why he will reclaim his belt and chants "YES!" He insults the Chicago fans in the the process, making them chant "NO!" for a great deal of heat.

 WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Extreme 2 of 3 Falls
Sheamus (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

At least with this match, we are guaranteed longer than the 18 seconds we fans were jibbed in their Wrestlemania opening match. Still, the attempt to bury Bryan backfired by turning him into a martyr and making the "Yes!" chant the new "What?" and skyrocketing his popularity. Meanwhile, that match also became an unintentional "double turn" as backlash formed against the formerly white hot Sheamus, who now hears his share of boos. Even though his title reign has been tepid at best, expect Sheamus to walk out with the belt and opening a door for Bryan to chase another title. Maybe CM Punk?

First Fall: Sheamus by DQ for ignoring the 5-count.

Second Fall: Bryan instantly puts on YES-Lock and Sheamus submitted.

Final Fall: Sheamus retained with the Brogue Kick

Bryan is white hot right now even in defeat. No matter how hard he tried to get the fans to hate him, the "Daniel Bryan" and "Yes!" chants were often and deafening. This match could have very well stolen the show. Totally made up for their :18 second joke at WM.

 BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Santino and Khali watch the monitor to see Ryback's handicap match.

 Handicap Match
Ryback vs. two jobbers

Another surprise match with Goldberg...oops Ryback in a surprise handicap match against two skinny white dudes who insult the crowd before Ryback SMASH!

Ryback, of course.

Chicago constantly chanted Goldberg, which was hilarious. This match was nothing you haven't seen on Raw or Smackdown over the last few weeks.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: CM Punk says that he is going to give Jericho a hangover and plays off the alcoholic father deal while making Chicago pop when he calls him 20,000 of his closest friends.

 Extreme Chicago Street Fight WWE Title Match
CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Not sure what's the difference is between a regular Extreme Rules match and a Chicago Street Fight, but I'm sure it was named as such to play on Punk as Chicago's Son coming back home. Their match a 'Mania was a classic and this one has the potential to top that one. Even if it doesn't, it's poised to be better than this disappointing straight edge angle between two of the best in the world in the ring and on the microphone. If reports of Jericho taking time off are true, Punk wins this one easy unless they will play up a final rematch at SummerSlam with Punk chasing the title all summer.

Punk retains title after hitting the GTS.

While the last match was chock full of high spots and scientific wrestling, the storytelling here was simply a flat out brawl. Even the Chicago faithful started the "E-C-W!" chants when Punk started using the Kendo Stick on Jericho. It was very different from their battle in Miami and seemed to convey the right type of feel considering where the feud stands at this point. The addition of Punk's family into the match was a nice touch.

 BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eve informs Beth she is not medically cleared to wrestle but Nikki will fight a surprise oppponent. 

Extreme WWE Divas Championship Match
Nikki Bella (c) vs. a surprise opponent

The formula for this match is real simple: Nikki beating Beth + Nikki getting squashed for the title by a returning Kharma on tomorrow night's RAW or tonight at Extreme Rules + Kharma and Beth equaling a "money" match at Summerslam - Bella Twins reportedly leaving WWE in two days = Nikki retaining as to not give away Kharma vs. Beth for free. Unless they give the belt back to Beth here and have Kharma deliver a not-so fond farewell to the Bella Twins for calling her fat last year. It would make sense for the former option since the title change last week would make sense, but when was the last time WWE tried to make sense?

Layla wins the Divas Title when she neckbreakers Brie after failed Twin Magic.

Everyone in the arena (and even yours truly) was marking out because they thought they were getting Kharma's return one night early. Remember what I said about WWE making sense? Well, instead we get a returning Layla who wins to a very bored crowd let down after the fake Kharma tease. Maybe they will come full circle with the angle tomorrow night with the return of Kharma?

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Johnny L. tells Matt Striker that he and Triple H will reveal their private discussion tomorrow on RAW (plug!!!!), but now everyone should get ready for People Power.

Extreme Rules Match
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

How can you make fans forget about The Rock ditching the WWE after beating Cena at WM 28? Just have Brock Lesnar return and destroy Cena the next night and weeks afterward. You cannot help but feel the adrenaline and change of course the WWE is undergoing since he returned on April 2, whether you were ever a fan of the guy or not. With a 5 million dollar investment and creative control, there is no way Lesnar loses to Cena in his first match back with the company. If you are not liking it, get used to it, because Brock is back and the main heel going until Wrestlemania 29.

John Cena defeats Brick Lesnar with the Attitude Adjustment on the ring steps.

Wow this was shocking. This should have established Lesnar as the man and a true Worldbeater. Seconds into the match, Cena was legit busted open and was made out to be totally over-matched. It was not the technical classic of Bryan-Sheamus or the storytelling of Punk-Jericho, but it was a raw and brutal thing to witness. But Brock needs to work on the cardio because he was sweating way too often and early for a man who didn't move around that much. Then, John Cena gets on the mic and talks about going away or something to that effect so not sure what they have in store with the character.


A Chicago crowd can make the most tepid of live wrestling events seem a lot better than what they truly are. They have so much energy and are not afraid to let loose. Love Chi-Town for that. For Extreme Rules, the Punk-Jericho, Bryan-Sheamus and even the one-sided Lesnar-Cena matches were totally worth the price of admission and the PPV itself was a worthy follow-up to Wrestlemania 28. Can't wait to see what directions the aforementioned feuds go on this week's RAW and Smackdown. The main event was supposed to solidify Brock Lesnar as bringing us a new direction for the WWE, but now his existence is a giant question mark. Where last year we saw a Super Face (Rock) against a fellow Super Face (Cena) in a generational year-long feud, 2012 was going to give us an Uber Heel in Lesnar with Extreme Rules PPV setting the stage for the rest of the year. Not sure what this loss means for Lesnar's character, but the idea to have him lose in his first match back is a bad one. Booking aside, this was an awesome PPV to watch as a fan and it was a lot of fun to watch along with one of pro wrestling's best fan bases.


doublet said...

I watch the wwe to watch the diva matches and truly hope the Bella twins stay on board. They are very sexy and fun to watch. I would like to see them square off against each other.

doublet said...

I watch the wwe for the diva matches. I hope the Bella Twins go nowhere. They are sexy and fun to watch. I would like to see them square off against each other.

Ribhu Singh said...

nice 1 man...very nyc...i m a grest wwe fan... also check

krish kumar said...

john cena rockz...hip hip hurrrayy...
we love john cena and he is a real superstar.

krish kumar said...

john cena rockz...hip hip hurrrayy...
we love john cena and he is a real superstar.

manu said...

brock lesner's defeat is totally shock for the veiwers.. it seems from starting that lesner made his debut much bigger..but couldnt.. lets see what he do now next .. and its good to see orton win over kane..

vishnu said...

wwe only one superstar that is JHON CENA
I LOVE him

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