Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Butler Brothers return with The Undrawn!

The zany Butler Brothers from the Great White North of SubProd Productions are at it again! The creative minds who brought us the Larry & Burt Gut Rot webisodes and the full length feature The Notorious Newman Brothers are attempting to invade the intrawebs again with The Undrawn. This proposed webseries follows six depraved and perverted (not-so)super heroes working at SuperCorp for their idiot Boss who is trying to get them their own comic book deal.

Told in confessional style, think X-Men meets The Office, these superweirdos contain extraordinary powers that are really not that beneficial to society. Making their dreams of making the pages of comics even harder is the fact that they cannot seem to get on the same page...and probably never will with the hormone levels they maintain. 

SubProd has begun a Kickstarter campaign (click here) and are ever so close to making their vision a reality. If their past record is any indication, this will be a laugh riot that will not only entertain the heck out of us, but the guys are sure to add some more well-deserved awards to their mantle.

Take a look at the teasers below and see for yourself. Caution: Don't expect Superman or Wolverine to lend their support to these characters and don't look for DC and  Marvel to sign this pack to a deal anytime soon.

Meet In & Out. She is like one of those crazy, yet hot chicks but can teleport. 

IN & OUT from SubProd on Vimeo.

Bulletproof - a white gangbanger, whose power is that he's bulletproof. Duh.

BULLETPROOF from SubProd on Vimeo.

Rearview - one of those creeps living mom's basements but with an ability.

REARVIEW from SubProd on Vimeo.

Jack-Off - with sperm more powerful than a locomotive
JACK-OFF from SubProd on Vimeo.

Iron Gut - drinks but doesn't get drunk and speaks in accents. A total WTF?!
IRON GUT from SubProd on Vimeo.

Thought Whisperer - virgin hearing men's thoughts, who wishes she didn't.
THOUGHT WHISPERER from SubProd on Vimeo.

And finally "The Boss"...worse than Michael Scott
The BOSS from SubProd on Vimeo.

Of course we never see these superheroes' (mis)adventures with your support. So please head on over to Kickstarter and support SubProd if you can. Be a real hero...



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