Friday, January 27, 2012

TOTALLY YOU-TUBULAR: “The Humpty Dance” Karaoke

Welcome to the latest Man-Cave feature, TOTALLY YOU-TUBULAR! Every now and then, I will find something weird around on the social media outlet and post for you all to check out. I was planning to do this back in October, but wanted to wait until something worthy enough of being the debut video would surface…and it has! Thanks to my friend Jessica, she has acquired the found footage which uncovers the legendary myth of me performing a karaoke version of Digital Underground’s early 1990’s opus, "The Humpty Dance". Now you have probably heard me talking about doing this on some webcast or maybe even on some website out there, but now little Jess has the Holy Grail for you all to enjoy. Originally started back at now defunct Thirsty Whale in Orlando, FL, I decided to get up on Wild Bill’s (5th and Broadway) stage during my last trip to Nashville and break it down like DX…after only consuming one-half of a Corona Light on a full stomach. Backed by my new Nashville friend Andy, click on the link and then please enjoy the sights and sounds of The Humpty Dance and go check out Jess’ YouTube channel (redsox2833)

Got any cool videos you want me to play on The Man-Cave? Send them my way by contacting me at You have a better chance for them to air here than on Tosh.0, ha!!


The Artist Formerly Known as J. Astro said...

I don't know... it was kinda hard to see you thru the whole thing... and then I got curious and clicked on "Belly Man sings 'The Cave'" instead over in the related videos...

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