Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

2011 is about to be in the books, so I wanted to take this time to wish you all a safe but extremely fun New Year's Eve and following Day. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Also, I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who spends their time reading The Man-Cave because every single one of you make this effort worthwhile. This site is almost three years old, but I have met so many friends through this experience and am extremely thankful for all of you guys and gals. I am not sure what exactly 2012 holds in store for the Man-Cave, but I am ready to give you all another zany year of fun. So beware...take care...and show your liver who's boss tonight!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Man-Cave's "It" and "S***" Awards for 2011

Yes, this is yet another "Best of 2011" list from yet another site, so for your convenience, let's skip all the introductions and get right to it. Now mind you, I am not Roger Ebert or IGN, so I have not seen every film, TV show, album, et cetera out there. These picks are only from media that I have watched and probably have reviewed on this site in some way, shape or form. So don't get all bent out of shape if The Artist or Grey's Anatomy is not listed below. I have also spared the descriptions of why they were awarded because the selections are pretty obvious.


 Best Major Motion Picture:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Best Comedy:

Best Superhero Film:
X-Men: First Class 

  Best Indie Flick:  
Honorable Mention:   
I Didn't Come Here to Die

Best Cinematic Surprise:  
Paranormal Activity 3

Best Running T.V. Series:
The Walking Dead
Honorable Mention:  
The League

Best New T.V. Series:
Honorable Mention:  
American Horror Story

Best CD:
Wasting Light - Foo Fighters

Best Indie CD:  
New Beginnings - S.Y.F.T.

Best Song:
My Body - Young the Giant
Honorable Mention:
Rolling in the Deep - Adele

Best Sports Team: 
 Green Bay Packers

Best Sports Entertainer:
CM Punk 

Best PPV Event:
WWE Money in the Bank
Honorable Mention:  

Best Video Game:  
Batman: Arkham City
Honorable Mention:
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Best YouTube Show:
Z! True Long Island Story

Best Sports Moment: 
 LeBron James choking as the Dallas Mavericks 
win the NBA Title

Best Book: 
Husk - Matt Hults
Honorable Mention: 
 CassaStar - Alex J. Cavanaugh


Worst Major Motion Picture:  
Sucker Punch

Worst Comedy:  
Jack and Jill
Honorable Mention:  
Hall Pass

Worst Superhero Film:
Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Worst Indie Flick:  

Worst Cinematic Surprise:  
The Hangover 2

Worst Running T.V. Series: 
Bad Girls Club

Worst New T.V. Series:  
Charlie's Angels

Worst CD:  
Sorry For Party Rocking - LMFAO

Worst Song:  
Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae

Worst Disappointing Team:  
Philadelphia Eagles

Worst Sports Entertainer:  
Jeff Hardy

Worst PPV Event:  
TNA Victory Road 2011

Worst Video Game: 
Thor: God of Thunder

Congrats to the winners in both categories, thanks for reading and get ready for 2012. Agree or disagree with my selections? Maybe you have your own choices? Let me hear it in the Comments section below.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011 - U.S. Remake)

 (this review is not reflective of the novel or the original film)

After all of the strange trailer spots and even more bizarre print ads, director David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was released last weekend just in time for the Christmas holiday. Deck the halls with mystery and murder...and to all a good fright!

After recently being charged with libel by CEO Hans-Erik Wennerstrom for embezzlement, journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) is recruited by the wealthy Henrik Vanger (Christopher Plummer) to reside on the family's personal island and locate his missing niece Harriet. Missing for over forty years, Harriet mysteriously vanished from the island without a trace and no one has been able to bring closure to her disappearance. Under the guise of recording Henrik's memoirs to hide his real intentions from the rest of the Vanger family, Mikael reluctantly decides to take him up on his offer when Henrik promises the ammunition and resources to help clear his name and prove Wennerstrom's guilt. As things begin to unravel, Mikael recruits Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara), a rough around the edges and unorthodox yet intelligent tech genius with extraordinary detective skills, to assist him in uncovering the truth about Harriet and the Vanger clan.   

One of the most anticipated films of 2011, Dragon certainly justified the hype. This film is not your traditional mystery or whodunit in the least bit and will have you guessing until end, while you remain on the edge of your seat. The angles, leads and suspects are plenty, so you will have a good time grinding your brain as the Blomkvist/Salander duo bring clarity to their investigation. 

The acting is excellent from top to bottom with nary a weak link in the casting choices. Interestingly enough, Mara is getting a lot more praise than she should since she has the fortune of playing such a great character while simply acting like she does in every other film. It's Rooney Mara just being the usual broody Rooney Mara, but maybe her lack of facial expressions or acting range is perfectly suited for the awesome Lisbeth character. Meanwhile, Craig is really solid as the main lead and it is always good to see Plummer in a strong turn. The better question: Is there a role that Stellan Skarsgard cannot perform adequately? He plays  
Martin Vanger with the utmost charm and cunning. Even Julian Sands shows up in a cameo.

An added bonus to this flick is Fincher's spot-on choice to employ Trent Reznor in handling scoring duties. From the opening credits' remake of Led Zeppelin's "The Immigrant Song" to the end credits theme, the music and score really help establish Dragon's uneasy and unnerving tone. The score also effectively sets the pace beween high tension sequences and more methodically developed scenes. Speaking of Reznor, look for the visual Nine Inch Nails in-joke. 

This cinematic version will please all demographic of TGWTDT enthusiasts. The fans of the book will enjoy seeing the film bring their characters to life, fans of the 2009 film will enjoy seeing another take on the tale and those unfamiliar to the story will be treated to a dark yet beautiful mystery as it unfolds on the big screen. See this one now!

Thoughts From The Cave: If I can sit through a 158-minute long film and be highly entertained without looking at my watch, then trust me when I tell you to see this film. Easily the best flick I have seen in 2011. The film was so cool that it makes me want to read the books, and that NEVER happens with me.

4.5 out of 5 Creeper Santas





Friday, December 23, 2011

Celebrate the Holidays with The McKenzie Brothers!

Watch the stars of SCTV, Strange Brew and random events of all things Hoser, the McKenzie brothers Bob and Doug, in the animated version of their special rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas. Happy Holidays and take off, you nobs! See you all next week!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Happy Holiday Garbage Day Time Again!

Posting this YouTube clip has become a tradition here on The Man-Cave and one that I wanted to continue this year. This is what would have happened if the film Silent Night Deadly Night 2 was transferred to be made into an old school NES game. 

Here is my electronic holiday gift to you all! Have a safe time around the holidays and enjoy your time with loved ones. I will be popping back into the electroverse again very soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy Garbage Day!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

WWE TLC 2011 PPV Results

The last WWE PPV of 2011, TLC, took place earlier this evening in Baltimore, MD. The overall card looked very good for a B-Level PPV with only a couple dud match ups, but was it worth the time and money to tune in? Did Punk retain? Was Booker T's in-ring return a successful one? Is Zack Ryder the new U.S. Champ? Did Kevin Nash break his leg climbing the ladder in his sledgehammer match? Well at least we are promised to be John Cena-free for once in a long time, sans a run-in appearance or a last minute decision to get him on the card. Let's get to the action...

WWE U.S. Title Match: 
Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler (champ)

Zack Ryder has another chance to gain his first singles title against the best overall worker in the WWE today. With several non-title wins against Ziggler and his popularity at an all-time high, will WWE pull the trigger on Ryder and give him he strap so Ziggler can move up the card?

Zack Ryder with the Rough Ryder. Vicki was tossed from ringside after she helped save Ziggler from a pinfall earlier in the match. After his victory, the crowd popped extremely loud as he held the title up and celebrated with his dad and Big O at ringside. 

Backstage Segment: Cody Rhodes blindsided Booker T while he was chatting it up with Alicia Fox.

WWE Tag Team Titles Match: 
Epico & Primo w/ Eva Mendes vs. Air Boom, Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne (champs)

A match added at the last second in an attempt to keep the tag team title scene relevant and interesting after Bourne served his 30-day suspension for failing the WWE Wellness Policy. Epico and Primo are a pretty exciting team to watch, but most exhilarating aspect of this team is their distractingly hot manager Eva Mendes.

Air Boom wins after Kingston hits the Trouble in Paradise. Pretty fast moving match, albeit a but quick, that definitely proved that the WWE is going to stick with Air Boom as the top dogs even with the Bourne mess from last month.

Backstage Segment: Josh Matthews reports that Booker T is with the medical staff and all indications point to him missing his match with Rhodes tonight.

Backstage Segment: A stupid moment with Hornswoggle dressed up like an elf and Teddy Long is dressed up like Santa. Hornswoggle makes an off-color comment about never hearing about a "Black Santa" before. Ouch. Waste of valuable PPV time.

Tables Match: 
Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

Barrett has been owning Orton on a weekly basis and won the rights to select his match of choice against Randy, a tables match. No title on the line, but this is a main event caliber match with both looking strong going into this one. Who will eat some splinters?

Orton with a reversal RKO after Barrett jumped off the top rope. Pretty dull match considering the talent involved. Crowd didn't seem into it until the RKO to end it.

Backstage Segment: Santa Teddy Long has the Bella Twins in his lap, but is interrupted by Jack Swagger who is complaining about being attacked by Henry on Smackdown last week. When Sheamus shows up to say hello, Swagger's defamatory comments to him prompts Long to schedule a surprise match between the two later tonight. 

 WWE  Divas Title Match: 
Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix (champ)

Another last minute added match? What the heck is going on? More matches for your money sounds like a good idea, but not when it is a Divas title match. The talented Phoenix grapples with the wrestling-impaired Kelly for another PPV match. Need I say more? Please don't make me.

Phoenix. Boring Divas match with a top rope reverse Electric Chair Drop. If you have seen these two on PPV over the past few months, it is the same old, same old. Phoenix carries Kelly the whole time as usual. Please hurry back, Kharma!

Backstage Segment: The Miz comes up to Alberto Del Rio while he is talking to Ricardo Rodriquez. They agree that their alliance is over once the match is finished. Animosity starts between the two stars, which contradicts their previously announced effort to team up against CM Punk in the title match.

WWE  Intercontinental Title Match: 
Booker  T. vs. Cody Rhodes (champ)

Rhodes has been getting the upper hand on the Book week after week, so will he finally Spinaroonie his way to a victory for his first in-ring match back with WWE? Or will Booker put over the young, talented Rhodes? Will the rumored return of Goldust factor into this match?

Booker T fights off his injury and comes down the ramp, only to be jumped from behind by Rhodes AGAIN! Looks like this time it will be a grave that Booker T won't return from as this match will not happen at TLC.

Sledgehammer Ladder Match:
Triple HHH vs. Kevin Nash

In the angle that is only happening since Triple HHH is married to the boss' daughter, this flashback to 2002 is H's return from injury at the hands of "former" best friend Nash. It looks like a dreaded, boring match whose only redemption will be its unintentional comedic factor.

HHH wins after bashing Nash with the sledgehammer and two Pedigrees (and a botched Pedigree). Just as bad as imagined with Triple HHH carrying his best buddy for a large majority of the match and completely lost the crowd early on. They were out of breath by the third minute of the match. Seriously. It was slow, prodding, laughable, and went on way too long...and should've been given away for free on Raw instead.

Backstage Segment: CM Punk is interviewed backstage about Del Rio and Miz teaming up on him back on Raw. John Laurinitis comes in to tell him that he mailed his Slammy to Punk, but it would get to him later due to being shipped during the holiday season. He then tells Punk that he needs to worry about tonight instead and wishes him luck. Punk belts out his trademark "Luck is For Losers!"

Normal Match:
Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

This is the impromptu match made by Teddy Long earlier in the evening. It is also the WWE's excuse to fit the highly popular Sheamus on the PPV. Too bad it is a meaningless match. No other setup is needed for this one.

Sheamus with the Brogue Kick. Nothing really to note here except that the Great White keeps rolling.

Backstage Segment: Big Show is backstage with Josh Matthews and tells him that he is going to end Henry's reign of terror will end.

WWE World Title Match:
Big Show vs. Mark Henry (champ)

The last two times these giants met for the title on PPVs, the ring collapsed for a no contest decision at Vengeance and then Henry low blowed Show to retain via DQ at Survivor Series, who then retaliated by injuring Henry's knee with a steel chair. Henry's sucker punch on Show a couple weeks back only added fuel to the fire, but will that be enough to give Show the edge to finally take the belt? And don't forget Daniel Bryan, whose recent woes might cause him to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase against the winner. Looks like he might be having a change of heart from waiting until Wrestlemania.

Show pinned Henry in a rather short match after hitting the WMD with his in-match injured hand. As Show celebrated his title victory, Henry assaulted Show with a steel chair and then proceeded to DDT him on a pile of them. Which then led to...

...Money in the Bank Cash-In WWE World Title Match:
Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show (champ)

Bryan ran down with his briefcase and a referee. Looks like he is not waiting for Wrestlemania after all.

Bryan covers Show for an easy victory. While an embarrassed Big Show looked on, Bryan celebrated with the entire crowd around ringside. He even held the belt right in his biggest detractor's, Michael Cole, face. The crowd popped big time for his victory, so I hope that the WWE has a good plan for him with his title reign. 

Backstage Segment: Even against pleading from Josh Matthews, Booker T tells him that he is going to fight Rhodes tonight, injured or not.

WWE  Intercontinental Title Match (Attempt 2): 
Booker  T. vs. Cody Rhodes (champ)

Looks like we are having the match after all. Booker T is going to try to tough it out. Let's try this again.

Rhodes hits the Beautiful Disaster for the victory. Booker T looked strong and in prime ring shape for this match. In the meantime, he put Rhodes over in a good way as well. Wonder if this will be the last meeting between the two because they actually put on a pretty good match.

WWE Championship 3-Way TLC Match:
The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk (champ)

With Punk's insults of Raw Interim GM John Laurinitis, especially the hilarious Slammy Awards segment, will he get screwed by the screwee this time around? He has the deck stacked against him with Miz proclaiming that he and ADR will be working to make sure that Punk does not walk out as champ as evident by their vicious assault on his arm on this past Raw.

Punk retained the title by retrieving the belt after nailing Miz with the GTS. An exciting and vicious match that was extremely more brutal than the tame Hell in a Cell match from a few months ago. Every performer took some serious spills, prompting the crowd to channel the old ECW by chanting "Holy S***!" over and over again. Even Ricardo Rodriquez just went up a few hardcore matches for his suck bump he took from the top of the ladder, all the way to the outside and through a table. Awesome match overall.

Even though the Divas match and the Sledgehammer Ladder match were pretty bunk, plus the backstage segments were goofy, the emphasis was on wrestling tonight and not theatrics. The Ryder and Bryan title victories really made the Baltimore crowd pop and Booker T showed he still could have a good run or two left in him. This was one of the most entertaining PPVs of the year, not named Money in the Bank or Survivor Series and one heck of a way for the WWE to end their PPV schedule in 2011. Definitely worth your time and money.

"Speaking of..." for the week of 12/11/11

We are getting close to the holidays and while most of us are preparing for some needed downtime, the world of news happenings never takes a vacation. This feature is now in its third week and although this does not look like a post on steroids, much like last week's installment, there are some interesting tidbits to catch up on in case you might have missed them.

Speaking of roids...
2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Looks like Braun had some help in getting his brawn this season. He claims "B.S.", but proof is in his testosterone-produced pudding collected by drug testers. This is a guy who was recently vocal in trashing those who used 'roids to gain an edge and now he is on the edge of the losing his MVP crown. The man leaked too much damning evidence in his urine.

Speaking of leaked...
Lindsey Lohan's Playboy photo shoot pics have leaked online thanks to TMZ.

Please see last week's comments on my prediction that this would happen...and now how that prediction has manifested. Not to say I told you so, but I did. Speaking of butts...wait it's too early for a transition; scratch that. Lohan responded to the bad news by going on vacation with her sis in Hawaii. Bet you she's glad she asked for her dough upfront.

Speaking of dough...
Do you have some money coming your way this Christmas?

If so, you, YES YOU, can rent out the services of former WWE superstar Chyna as an escort. After her latest Vivid adult film became a hit and Vince McMahon still has not returned her calls to come back to the WWE, Chyna is going the Domino's delivery route.  All it will cost you is $10,000 for a night with a former WWE Diva. If you got the dime, she's got the time.

Speaking of time...
More proof that the wealthy are above the law, Barry Bonds will not be receiving any jail time for his crimes.

Apparently, things like perjury only equate into a 30-day house arrest sentence and 250 community service hours when you are a rich guy like Bonds, who will finally come clean to using steroids...surprising no one in the process. As far as the bogus punishment he received, Bonds is appealing that too, which will lead him right back into the arms of MLB. Meanwhile, Pete Rose is out there somewhere still made to suffer while desperately trying to re-engage with the sport who made him famous.

Speaking of re-engagements...
 Britney Spears is engaged again.

Unfortunately for him, hubby-to-be Jason Trawick (who looks an awful lot like Sam Trammel of True Blood) is not marrying the Britney Spears from 2001 and is opting for the used up, whacked out version of the pop star who exists today. Trawick joins the awesome lineup of stand-up folks like Jason Alexander (not that one) and Kevin Federline who have won Ms. Spears' heart enough to tie the knot. Here is hoping that third time is the charm for the young adult.

Speaking of young adults...
Jason Reitman's dark comedy, Young Adult, starring Charlize Theron debuted this week.

The creators of Juno and Up in the Air joined forces to create this tale of a beautiful ex-homecoming queen who peaked in high school and whose remains stuck in the 90's when she stalks her ex-boyfriend in their old hometown. Too bad for her that he is happily married and celebrating the birth of his newborn. Theron's strong and convincing performance just earned her a Golden Globes Nomination, while Patton Oswalt should have received a nomination as well for his turn as her Star Wars nerd, whiskey-making pal.

Speaking of Star Wars nerds...
The new MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is due to hit store shelves next week.

With the game's script reportedly larger than War and Peace, millions of online gamers will be flocking from the World of Warcraft universe to Lucas Land, trading their Wizards and Elves for Jedis and Ewoks. Now people can spend more of their reality "leveling up" their online character while sacrificing "leveling up" their actual lives. But I am not judging and to each their own. May the Force Be With You, guys and gals. The game's release is set for December 20th.

Speaking of releases...
  Vanessa Bryant decided to "wo-man up" and kick Kobe to the curb.

She waited and baited until she was eligible for all she could swipe of his earnings and finally flipped the switch on a divorce. For a loudmouth braggart and holier than thou jerk, Bryant is sure one dumb mofo. With no prenup, Vanessa already stole his mansion and now is due half of his earnings for the past ten years. He got his fifth ring, but now he has a lot less bling. Enjoy eating your humble pie, Kobe. Sure he's still rich, but not being as rich is a super blow to someone with his level of ego.

And Kris Humphries' 15 minutes of fame are almost up.

Did I miss something Earth-shattering from this week? Let me hear about it in the Comments section below!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fathom Events - your feedback needed!

I am genuinely curious if anyone has ever gone to one these NCM Fathom Events in theaters before. Ever since 2005, I have seen promos for the company's screenings before the trailers of every film I have ever watched at the cinema. Sometimes the events are not of my taste, such as the operas and plays, but most times they look pretty awesome. At one point in time, they ran a KISS concert, a performance with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, a big screening of Scarface, boxing matches, and even MMA/UFC fights. And these suckers were live, hosted in selected theaters in selected markets much in the vain of old school closed circuit television. According to the company website, attendees can sing, run around, dance, and go crazy without the restrictions of watching a real film even their events are hosted in a theater.

Now I am not truly sure if any of their events have been held in my area, but I have been seeing promos for their special engagements for the last 6 years and from the looks of their website, they seem to be adding even more to their yearly schedule. I can understand the loyal KISS Army flocking in droves to see the band during one of these live events and even I tried to find out (yet failed) to see Gilmour's showing a couple years back, but I wonder what type of draw Fathom can do with plays and operas? Are they really rolling it in?

This is purely a feedback post, which means I would greatly appreciate your collective input. If you have ever attended a NCM Fathom Event, I would love to hear about your experience, good-bad-or otherwise. Even if you haven't attended one and just have some thoughts on NCM Fathom Events or the company, I'd like to hear them as well.

Link to NCM Fathom Events site

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time to Catch Up on New Fall T.V. Show Winners

Whether Old Man Winter has got you down or you've bitten by the cold weather lazy bug, now is a good chance to catch up on some excellent new T.V. series while most of the TV schedule is in holiday hiatus mode and about to air reruns or marathons. There was a lot of hype for many heavily marketed network programming, such as the ill-fated The Playboy Club and Pan Am, but it seems that the underdogs have reigned supreme thus far. Here are three of The Man-Cave's favorite picks for 2011-2012 in no particular order...


Young socialite Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) avenges her father's wrongful imprisonment by strategically ruining the lives of all who had a hand in his incarceration - led by Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe). Originally scheduled for 6 episodes, its ratings success led to ABC ordering a full season. Looks like Emily will be around to torture more of the wealthy Hamptons goers in twenty-twelve. 

Why You Should Watch: 
Lead VanCamp is hot and makes the evilest of facial expressions that look like they can leave you dead. Stowe's performance is equally as good, making for a worthy villain. The secondary characters and their plots are all intriguing, which is a good basis for an interesting show. Plus it's always good to see rich snobs get played out by the working class, a fantasy that is relevant in today's economic mess.

American Horror Story 

The Harmon family (Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton and Taissa Farmiga) move into an old California home, that includes the ghosts of those who died there in the past. One of the most bizarre television series since Twin Peaks that jumps back and forth between the house's past inhabitants' demises and back stories along with their eventual interaction with the Harmons. The house has such as tragic past which keeps unfolding with each episode, happily expanding the story to no end.

Why You Should Watch: 
This show outdoes itself on the WTF?! factor week after week. While being deranged and unsettling, the show is extremely engaging to the point of being highly addictive. The acting is phenomenal and the intertwining stories look as if they were actually planned out and not just thrown together to be creepy for creepy sakes. This has been the best hidden surprise on the schedule thus far and am pleased that it is a hit, meaning more chills for '12. There is a ton of gore, sex, cursing, and superb cameos by name actors. Even if you despise horror and "Horror" is in the title, American Horror Story is a true, beautiful mystery...with ghosts. Forget NBC, this is Must See TV!


The rich Shobian (Sarah Michelle Gellar) fakes her own death to swap lives with her recovering addict twin Bridget (Gellar) to get herself out of some hot water. This is all unbeknownst to the sweet Bridget, who learns that her uppidity sibling has an equally seedy past of her own. Gellar is absolutely outstanding in the dual roles and the mystery behind this double-switch is slowly being uncovered week after week.

Why Should You Watch: 
Having never been a fan of Gellar (sorry Buffy fans), her dual performance on Ringer has legitimately softened my stance on her as an actress. There is a bit of action combined with some cool twists and swerves which do not appear to be slowing down anytime in the near future. This is a good effort from the CW and you should give it a try.

Old Faves that are still going strong

The League - This is a welcome return to the level of hilarity it was at during season 1. They have pushed the envelope, then pulled it, folded it in three, and tossed it off the Sears Tower. Uber edgy and more consistently funnier than its lead-in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The Vampire Diaries - Never has a series arc lasting more than a season been more interesting, yet the writers keep pulling it off. Only those who have been watching this show knows that it is not a chick show or anything like Twilight. There are some really hot chicks on here!

How I Met Your Mother - Still funny and interesting, but I think they should wrap it next season. It is starting to wear a bit and a show this hilarious and clever should go out on a high note.

Rules of Engagement - One of the few shows that actually got better as the season went on. I was sad to recently read that it was either being yanked or canceled although the rating were excellent, but you should still check it out while it is on. A great network show that really pushes Standards and Practice over the edge. 

Dexter - Some people are booing it this year, but I dig it. If anything, I wish Dex would do some one episode arc killings again, but it is cool to watch. The notion that Deb is catching on to Dex is also keeping me glued to the set in Sunday nights.

Do you have any favorites I missed or haven't seen?
Hate my picks?
Love my picks?

Let me know by leaving me a comment.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Infection (2005) aka Invasion

An older entry into the "found footage/confidential video evidence" gimmick subgenre that deals with a pregnant teenager trying to avoid being overtaken by aliens while trapped in a park late at night. 

After her boyfriend is "infected" by an alien parasite, Cheryl Cooper (Jenny Dare Paulin) flees from him and the police officer who infected him using the officer's squad car. With only the police dispatcher on C.B. as her guide to escape the park, she learns that many local townsfolk have also been overtaken and her exit back into town won't be an easy task. Things get even more desperate for her once the dispatcher informs her that all hell has broken loose in town as the unexpected alien invasion goes into full effect.

99% of the film is seen through the lens of the mounted police car camera and presented as top secret video that the audience is witnessing. Meanwhile, the narrative is mainly delivered through the police car's radio in conversations between Cheryl, the dispatcher and a scientist who has information concerning what is happening. he budget of destruction and chaos during the town's takeover is saved by going War of the Worlds style with the dispatcher giving Cheryl a play-by-play.

Titled as Invasion on Fearnet, this one became tedious and was really hard to get through. Even only being 81 minutes long, the film starts getting repetitive and boring at about the 20-minute point. This film is a perfect example of having a good idea but poor execution. Add on to the fact that I am a fan of some of Albert Pyun's flicks and that makes everything extra disappointing.

Labeled as an experimental film, it is a one that fails even though the intent of being different is sincere and would have worked a lot better as a video game. The nail in the coffin is the unsatisfying conclusion which leaves an even worse taste in your mouth.

Skip this one and check out one of this old Full Moon classics or Mean Guns instead.

1.5 out of 5 Creeper Santas