Thursday, March 31, 2011

Interview with Jay Ryan of The Sexy Armpit at Monster-Mania 17

At Monster-Mania 17, I had to a chance to sit down and chat with the brains behind The Sexy Armpit site, Jay Ryan. We have been fans of each other’s site’s for a while, so after having some Blue Moons in the hotel bar, we decided that it would be a great opportunity to do an interview. We talk about blogging, the Jersey Shore, Carls Jr and beer. Dan's back behind the camera again. Enjoy!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Left 4 Dead - the lost 80's NES Commerical

This will be a short post day and one I hope you will all enjoy.

The genius minds at Gamervision never fail to impress me. Remember those goofy commercials for NES games back in the mid 80's when Nintendo hit it big? Well here's another bad ass Gamervision creation:  

Left 4 Dead (or is it Left 4 Dead 2?) for the NES...complete with the old school zapper gun.

All Hail Gamervision

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A song for Piper's Pit

Recently, I received an e-mail detailing new artists scheduled for the VH1 Best Cruise Ever 2 excursion I am taking with Jules in a couple months. They all looked very "meh" until I researched one of these new acts, an indie band named Deck of Jack, on Youtube. It is there that I stumbled onto the video from a few years ago for their "Piper's Pit" song about the Rowdy One, Hot Rod Roddy Piper. It's definitely a funny song and believe it or not, very catchy...unless you commit the ultimate in sacrilege by just flat out hating Piper.

Want to hear the kicker? The lead singer of this band is none other than my boy Jim Shearer, fellow Pennsylvania native and host of the VH1 Top-20 Countdown. 

Jim gives two thumbs up for the Man-Cave!

 I will definitely make sure to down some suds and check these dudes out on the cruise. They also have a song about Apollo Creed, but that's for another day. For now, take a trip to the Pit...

Even Hot Rod approves...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sella Turcico (2010) review

The old saying "war changes a man" brings on a whole new meaning when Sgt. Roback comes back home following an unexplained accident during active duty. This is one family reunion the other members should try to avoid.

ToeTag Pictures, the group behind the faux snuff August Underground saga, is back with a film that provides an engaging story served along with their usual heavy doses of gore. When ToeTag sent a screener to The Man-Cave, I immediately envisioned August’s gruesome visions dancing around in my head. Once I started watching their latest flick, Sella Turcica, I was pleasantly caught off guard by a memorable film director Fred Vogel put together that does not solely rely on gore for the sole entertainment value.

Sgt. Bradley Adam Roback, played convincingly by Damien A. Maruscak, arrives back at his family home after active duty not as the same man they remembered before he left for the service. Not only is he now wheelchair-bound but he also looks deathly ill with pasty white skin and dark rings around his eyes. His family believes something seems a little "off" with Roback, but the blame is placed on his separation from society during his tour of duty and minor shell shock. If only that were the real case. They have no idea what they are really in for once Brad gets even worse.

Sella is heavy on dialogue, saving most of the action for the last few minutes. While most of the character interaction is both insightful and competent without sounding too much like stale exposition, the running time could have been trimmed a bit. Some scenes just felt like they were being used to pad out the runtime, but at least we are treated to some good performances outside of Maruscak. 

A particular mention goes out to Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave - 1978), who plays the Roback matriarch Karmen. Even though her character is mostly in denial concerning Brad's condition throughout the entire film, Keaton the actress definitely radiates some raw emotion towards the end of the film and is part of the glue that keeps this film together. The beautiful Jade Risser is decent as Brad's sister Ashley and Harvey Daniels is passable as her boyfriend Gavyn. Even though I felt that Vogel created the Gavyn character for the audience to hate, I actually liked him. Maybe it was how Daniels portayed the character or maybe that Gavyn's heart seemed to be in the right place even though his mouth wasn't. Gavyn seemed a little mature but didn’t really come across to me as a character for whom I should feel disdain, especially since he was the only character not wearing ruby-colored glasses about Brad's situation. 

What happens in the climax is very predictable since this film's formula has been done to death, but I hung in there because I knew Vogel would have something very special in the conclusion. Thankfully my assumptions were correct. It might not be the most satisfying ending, being a bit abrupt and without delivering every definitive, but it is far from being a terrible one even with its semi-ambiguity.

Supernatural elements aside, Sella Turcica provides an anti-war message about the affects on "our boys" who keep our country safe experience once they come back to normalcy. The unfortunate nightmares and the chaotic stress they experience in war are things we will never truly understand or have to live with. 

This ToeTag production still feeds your inner gorehound, the black oil defecation in bed scene comes to mind, but you get to digest a competent story and characters you actually develop interest in. If you get a a chance, definitely give it a look, but don't expect another August Underground film.

2.5 out of 5 Creeper Santas


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Part Two of The Man-Cave podcast with "Strange Kid" Ron Scott

Here is the long-awaited conclusion of my first podcast with special guest Ron Scott of Strange Kids Club. We talk old school wrestling, WWF, Ahmed Johnson, Saturday Night's Main Event, and the Legion of Doon aka The Road Warriors.

If you have not yet, please subscribe to the The Man-Cave Youtube channel and "Like" The Man-Cave Facebook page.

Side note: It is not really 28 minutes either. It's 17 minutes but my editing program messed up in the conversion process.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Remember when Spider-Man was a mute?

Another Spider-Man "crisis" to solve
What do Morgan Freeman and Spiderman have in common? The same thing they share with Bill Cosby. Give up? The Electric Company, which aired on PBS for a many number of years.

While I used to look forward to the Spiderman segments on The Electric Factory when I was a kid, nowadays I see this as the absolute worst version of the webslinger. And in comparison to his 70's disco TV movie version and his Japanese version, that says a lot. He didn't climb up walls and could only shoot a web that looked like he was throwing a net...which is probably what he was doing. Sure I feel a nostalgic factor when I watch them on Youtube, because Spidey has always been my favorite superhero, but this Spiderman didn't seem to have real Spidey powers. Don't give me any of that "low budget" crap either. He seemed like nothing more than a creepy guy dressed up in red & blue tights who wandered around elementary schools all day. In fact, there is really nothing to distinguish him between being a super-hero and super-pedo. 

For the love of god...he's fighting off the villain with a hot dog

Fart noises and other boner "schwing" sound effects would happen whenever he spoke. His words appeared in caption bubbles, and he was usually short with his words too. Like he never wanted to be bothered and people were harassing him. He was also a bit of scaredy-cat, jumping around at the littlest noise. I mean, you're Spiderman dude. Grow a set! Or are you really the Pedo-Man?

Finally, here is the clincher. Did he fight off The Green Goblin? Dr. Octopus? Sandman, perhaps? No. He fought off original villains like The Prankster or The Blowhard. Yeah these supposed villains blew hard alright. They were bad guys that my two dogs could fend off in their sleep. 

There are a ton of the Spidey segments to watch on Youtube, but I happened to find and include this classic that features Spiderman enjoying Morgan Freeman eating a mud pie. I love you, Morgan Freeman...just saying.

Thanks to Nantovision1 for the upload.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tosh.0 Takes on Pro Wrestling

This is from last month, but I had to post my favorite "Web Redemption" edition in this young season of Tosh.0. If you haven't seen it yet, you REALLY need to check it out. And if you already have seen it...well watch it again. Make sure to hang around for some surprise guest appearances toward the end, and I'm not talking about Tosh's dead-on Ultimate Warrior impersonation either.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Short Review: Waffle (2010) is a just dessert

During a dinner with her mother, a perennial science fair champion learns her new friend is not all she appears to be.

Director Rafael De Leon Jr. puts a nice little spin on outcast revenge flick in his latest effort Waffle. In five minutes of running time, he is able to tell a coherent story spanning multiple years without the audience feeling lost the whole time. He does this through dialogue and shooting shots with visual aids throughout the film, while not feeling as if he is trying to cram a lot of stuff in such a small amount of space.

It is hard to write a review on a film that is just barely five minutes long without spoiling too much, but here is the plot. Wendy (Andrea Shannon Young) is a science fair champion at her school for whom there seems to be no real competition, as she has decisively won the fair several years in a row. Unfortunately those great accolades comes even bigger tragedy. She has a disfigured face and is a bit of an outcast with no friends or any positive emotional support.

During one of Wendy's usual days of verbal abuse from some evil classmates, the beautiful and popular Dana (Kerri Ford) surprisingly comes to her defense. This leads to a new friendship and one that Wendy is not used to having in her life. In the excitement of this new alliance, Wendy has Dana over for dinner to meet her mother (Kathyrn Neville Browne). 

After the meal, Wendy's mother praises Dana for the defense of her daughter at school right  before making them their final course. This is when we find out Dana's true intentions for Wendy and in turn, just how not so fragile the science genius really is to those who cross her. Now it is time for a just dessert!

Again, this short film is only five minutes and seems to pass with a blink of the eye. De Leon Jr.'s self composed score is especially haunting and the lighting establishes his film's unsettling mood. For an inexperienced cast, they are all extreme believable in their roles. Overall, calling Waffle entertaining would be an understatement.

The film has been awarded Honorable Mention at the 2010 Tabloid Witch Awards as well as being an Official Selection at Blood Bath 2: The Film Festival and New York No Limits in 2010. It has also been an Official Selection at the Love Your Shorts Film Festival and High Desert Shorts International Film Festival this year. This is De Leon Jr.'s third short feature and of Waffle is a hint, big things are in the horizon for him.

For more information on the little film with a big bite, check out the following links:



3 and half out of 5 Creeper Santas

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Short Review: Worm (2010) makes your skin crawl

High school teacher Geoffrey Oswald Dodd might seem like a well meaning teacher...until you spend a few hours in his head.

Recently, The Man-Cave has been receiving a lot of great shorts from my brothers of the Great White North and the short film Worm from Fatal Pictures is no exception. Director Richard Powell and producer Zach Green take the audience back to the glory days of high school, but from the perspective of the educator and not the students. Actually, as far as high school films are concerned, Worm is on the other side of the spectrum and light years from a high school teen comedy. No giggles and laughs are meant to be found here, but that is a good thing.

High school teacher Geoffrey Oswald Dodd, played wonderfully by Robert Nolan, begins the school day in his usual fashion by extinguishing his cigarette on the outside portion of his car door. So you can tell this guy has a chip on his shoulder right out of the gate. He welcomes his students to another day of class to which nothing but silence is the response. The audience is then treated how 90% of the film's narrative is delivered, via voiceovers from the Dodd character. He trashes "today's youth" in some brash fashion yet in ways that sorta bring a little chuckle from your inner "hater".

Next, he is mentally bashes the rest of his faculty in the teachers' lounge. Whether it is the old, uninspired teacher or the pretty one who puts more effort into her fashion sense than her tutorial skills, no one is safe from a mental ribbing by Dodd. Sure he gives them all a smile and a kind word or two on the outside, but he follows it up with several nasty thoughts spouting hate against them all in his mind. And for the first few scenes, it is funny in an odd way because what he sells is the truth about the students and his fellow peers.

When we get to the midpoint of the film, things take a sharp swerve into depravity. Apparently, Dodd has a major crush on one of his students, manifested in the form of a creepily decorated love letter he contemplates finally giving to her in class - in front of the whole class! His thoughts on their future together become even more perverse and sickening.

If his obsession with an underage student clearly not interested in him is not a warning sign, then his future interactions with other faculty and students wave an even larger red flag. Soon it becomes obvious that Dodd is not just a bitter man. Yes he is bitter, but more importantly, he is completely insane to the umpteenth degree. As each hour passes, his thoughts become more devious and demented to the point to where you have to wonder if anything else but pure hatred runs through this man's veins. And what does he have in plan for the students with the day's final lesson? It certainly isn't social studies.

Worm is not classified as a horror film, but the film's later scenes will certaintly get under your skin. Powell directed a film that can be a bit scary when you think that this is something which can easily occur in the real world. How many two-faced people do you know in your life? How many times do you see horrific events in the news that originate at local high schools? Take the role of an educator, whose oath is to mold the mind of today's youth, and flip the script to make them a crazed individual out for violence. 

While the overall film is a major success with Powell at the helm, a major contribution to that success should be credited to Nolan's performance as Dodd. Another type of actor in the lead role could have turned this film south in a heartbeat. Even though there are a lot of supporting characters, it's Nolan's one-man show. As mentioned earlier, most of the dialogue takes place in Dodd's mind in the form of voice overs, so Nolan's energy is relied on to keep the audience interested. In the end, he triumphs.

At first, Dodd just seems like he is a classic 9 to 5'er having a bad day at work and simply being grumpy. Hey this happens to all of us every now and then. So his comments are somewhat hysterical, especially when he lets mentally butchers the one obnoxious female teacher about owing her for lottery money. As his day continues, we start to learn the real Dodd and he is not a pleasant human being at all. His comments transition from somewhat "comical" to "disturbing" and finally peaks at "frightening" by film's end. Calling kids lazy and predicting careers serving fries at McDonald's is one thing, but wishing cancer and death in automobile accidents on people and their families is on an entirely different level.

If there are any plans to extend this into a full length feature in the future, and there should be, the powers that be would be well advised to keep Nolan on board. Worm contains some excellent writing, a fantastically dark concept and a lead actor that ties all the goods together.

Here are some links where you can get more information on Worm:

Check out my brothers in arms' reactions :

4 out of 5 Creeper Santas

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Man-Cave revisits Planet of Terror

Head over to one of my favorite blogs, Planet of Terror, for my appearance on James Cortez's latest podcast! Alongside indie film making phenom Dom Portalla, we are like The Three Stooges of Horror and I'm Curly because of my bass-less voice.

James is really honing his craft with these podcast attempts, so please go check out the PoT when you get a chance. We talk movies, sports, Maniac Mansion, Monster Mania, and all other kinds of dominance! And make sure to check out his previous two installments with some other great indie filmmakers.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday's Gone: Monster-Mania 17 recap

Another weekend gone, another Monster Mania in the books. It passed in the blink of an eye, but it was also one helluva time as always. And now in usual Man-Cave fashion tradition, it is time for yet another MM recap.

Even though I listed a large number of guests I wanted to meet in my preview post last week, I only met two this time around. More on them later. Right now, I want to update those who were not in attendance about a big announcement concerning the August MM con in Cherry Hill. After meeting some new folks on the first night, I learned about some announcement that was going to be made over the weekend. A lot of people seemed to know about the announcement but not the exact subject matter. The news dropped during The Walking Dead Q&A and here is the official statement from the man himself Dave Hagan courtesy of the MM forum:

"We've added the HUGE Riverside Ballroom to the convention space for forthcoming shows in Cherry Hill starting in August (where they've had the big weddings) . The Riverside is where we held the Robert Englund Halloween Party the year before last. Plans are to put all of our stars in the Riverside and use the Crystal Room as a second dealers room. We'll use the covered walkway to get out to the Riverside from inside the hotel. This significantly expands the space we use for the convention and gives us a great opportunity to accommodate the growing attendance we have and also bring in more dealers to make shopping that much more fun" - MonstersMania

More dealers? More money to drop? More countless hours of pursuing some cool warez? This is absolutely fantastic news for all attendees and the increase of economic stimulus for MM...but bad news for my wallet. Just kidding. The Dealers' Room is heavily congested and gets extremely hot during certain times of the show, so hopefully this will lead to some needed breathing room as well as expanding the vendor list. Now back to the originally scheduled post.

Friday night, my friend Dan and I met up with pals John Squires (read his awesome recap here) and his girlfriend Jenn as well as Kristy Jett. After catching up with these old friends, I experienced the first major fail of the convention. Dan has been trying to buy Motel Hell on DVD since last March's MM, and he has always come up empty. After hitting the Dealers' Room, one of the first tables I checked out had a legitimate copy on sale - the version that comes with Deranged. Dan disappeared to somewhere and by the time he got back to the table, it was already sold. We spent the rest of Friday night hopping table to table looking for another copy, but did not luck out. Next time, Gadget, next time. Right, Dan? I think it's time for him to just buy it off Amazon.

I led off Saturday's festivities by meeting Melinda Clarke (Return of the Living Dead 3, The Vampire Diaries). Melinda was not only beautiful in person, but she was also extremely nice. After giving her a tip to hit Tony Luke's for a Philly cheesesteak in the city, she took a picture with Dan and I for one price. Meaning that I paid to meet for her and take a photo with her and she offered to take a picture with Dan for no reason at all but simply just to be cool. I have never had that kind of generous experience before with guests anywhere ever, so I wanted to write about that here.

I also attempted to meet Jenny Wright (Near Dark, Pink Floyd: The Wall) several times. I say "attempted" because she was always away from her table when I went to check on her. Maybe it was just my timing. Maybe I creeped her out and she planned her exits around my table approaches? Who knows.

Back at the vendor area, I picked up copies of Evil Dead: The Musical (something I have waited too entirely long to see), the entire Liquid Television series and a live Pink Floyd performance from 1970. Being Motel Hell-less didn't hold Dan back from shopping at all, as he picked up two DVDs with The Crooked Vultures and Alice in Chains. At my first MM in '05, a vendor recommended Casshern, Battle Royale and Versus before they were commercially available. Versus is one of may favorites to this very day, and finding that gem just me hooked! After that moment, there is just something about bootleg hunting that makes me happy.

The next great Saturday occurrence happened when I met up with Jay Ryan, from the must read The Sexy Armpit, to have a way overdue beer. A longtime follower of each other's blogs, my longer than expected wait to see John Carpenter at MM last August ruined our chances to hang out. With the estimated wait to see Ace Frehley exceeding two hours, I did not want to risk the opportunity of chilling with Jay again. We met in the bar for a beer and chatted it up. Finally a light bulb went off in my head to interview him for a future Man-Cave VLOG interview like I previously conducted with Kristy and John at the last show. Without any real preparation, we put together a pretty insightful and funny interview that I will feature in the next coming weeks.

Our next adventure was the long wait to meet Ace Frehley and for those of you who read my previews posts (one and two), you all know I was really looking forward to meeting the rock god. Well let's just say, in short, it was horrible. But I enjoyed so much awesomeness at this con that I promised myself to focus on the positive in my recap because it really outweighed meeting that jackass. If you are interested, I decided to reserve my commentary on that whole mess for its own post later this week.

Later on in the day, I bought my first, of what I believe will be many more to come, VHSPS purchase. The film in question is The Wizard of Speed and Time. It sounds like some D&D or wizards and (non-Charlie Sheen) warlocks flick, but it is actually about the business of Hollywood film making and the passion behind fulfilling your goals no matter the obstacle or the budget. I saw this in film school back in the mid-90's and have not been able to find a decent copy since then. Thanks to VHSPS, it now joins my monster DVD collection along the walls of the Man-Cave. There is also some bonus features on the disk that I am pretty psyched to see.

We also ran into the Kindertrauma duo of Lance and John, who we met at last March's show. We couldn't talk for long because we were in a rush to get another item for Dan before he missed out again. Luckily we arrived in time for Dan to snag his Iron Maiden Powerslave mask from Christopher Lee, the man behind Screwbiter Studios.

Even though money was running low, I still was not done scratching my DVD itch. For many years and many past conventions besides MM, the Howard Stern Channel 9 full DVD set has always been a major temptation. Seriously, I have held out for an official release far too long and the last time I heard Howard address the topic of releasing the set, he dismissed it as fast as the topic was brought up. He is sitting on a goldmine if he would just release all of that old channel 9 footage. However he is purportedly making $500 million over the next 5 years, so what does he care? He owns the goldmine!

Someone already uploaded all of the eps onto Youtube a little while back, but it is very uncomfortable watching a ton of episodes broken up into 4 parts per episode scattered all over the web. And there is always the danger of them being yanked off at any second, considering how many times Howard sends cease and desist letters to Youtube. Anyway, another copy was staring me in the face, so I bought it for relatively cheap. Now I own a copy and as a loyal Stern fan, I deserve to see them all, not maybe later. Hey it's almost 2012 so time is running out, right? I got live for the moment...just ask Matt Hardy and his old theme song. If and when this set receives an official release, I will be the first one in line to buy those as well. But I'd be lying to you if I said that bootlegging was not one of my favorite things to do at MM...

...which is a segue way into my other favorite MM activity - partaking in some beer with pals. I paced myself during the day, but it was time to get crazy once the sun went down. I got meet John's brother Chris and his lovely girlfriend Jess. Very awesome people. Chris' passion for old school pro wrestling just proves that he and his brother were made on the same petri dish. Meanwhile Jess called me "awesome" and an "asshole" all in the same sentence. How can I not love her for that?

If you read my beer posts, you know that I am not a fan of Budweiser at all. At all! John got me to try Bud Select, and in all honesty, it was pretty good. I know, I can't believe I am actually writing that. I even told my wife Jules that she should try one this weekend. Can't really recall, but I think I might have put down at least four of them in the presence of Jen, Chris, John, Jess, and Adam they are my witnesses. Side note of Room 930 - never has the number 14 been so funny...wink, wink.

In a night of surprises, I actually joined the Squires Four for the midnight screening of Rocky Horror. Back in 2002, I promised that was the last time I would ever watch Rocky live again (long story, so don't ask, but my Orlando crew know what I'm talking about). But I saw the joy in Jenn's eyes...and how can I say no to J-Booty? She even got me to drink peppermint schnapps, something else I swore never to drink again. So we went to the show and had a f'n blast! It was really well done and the crowd was really into it, which made it that much cooler. In fact, the person who played Columbia in this performance commented on my site today. Funny that I gave her credit when she did the the "stumble" during the Time Warp scene. I think I let out a "She's Hardcore!" mini chant from the back of the room.

Basically, here is how Saturday night ended in the lobby:

My memory is a little sketchy at this point, but at some point during the evening, I was trying to explain how much I love The Burning. I was probably rambling about the fact that I snuck in and saw that film during a run through my horror cinema love birthplace, Cinema 141 in DE. So the lovely Kristy Jett handed this to me...

...and it rules the universe. Thanks so much K-Jett! Cropsy now has a rightful place in The Man-Cave!!

Sunday is always the bummer day where we say goodbye to our friends and start counting down the days to the next show. Take a wild guess what helped get me through this depression? That's right - one last trip through the vendor area. I made one final purchase and it was something I was eyeing all weekend. This sucker...

With it almost being cruise time again, this is the perfect t-shirt for my most excellent upcoming adventure. Hopefully I don't run into any sharks at all though during my excursion.

Last note - I finally met Bill Adcock of Radiation Scarred Reviews on the way out. I kept missing the chance to meet him all weekend while I was running all around the hotel, so it was good luck to see him on the way out.

Let me end this post with some memorable pics and start the countdown to August:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Inaugral Man-Cave Podcast is Live!

Before heading off to Monster-Mania for the weekend, I wanted to finally launch the first podcast for this site. And who better to be the first guest but Ron Scott of the Strange Kids Club. Who Betta? This is my first attempt of hopefully many more episodes, but this one gives me some experience to help improve future offerings. I had to cut the episode in half, so look for part II next week. In the meantime, enjoy...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Road to MM 17 continues with Ace Frehley's classic drunk moments

People say/do/imagine wacky things when they are drunk and I never hold that against them. Sure I will laugh, but never will I judge. In fact, more times than we wanna admit in our lives, we have all had some crazy drunken experiences. But luckily for people like us, we are never on TV for the world to see us in these "not-so" great drunken states. 

Which brings us to the subject of today's spotlight on the road to Monster-Mania, ex-KISS guitarist Ace Frehley. I am beyond uber excited to meet the legendary Frehley at the con, not only due to his skills as a musician, but because he is the funniest drunk ever recorded on TV. 

Keep in mind that I think Ace is the man and would love to hang out with him all sauced up. This post is a tribute and not written to mock Frehley in any way at all. New York Groove, Fractured Mirror, Ozone...FTW!

Below are some clips from his hilarious appearance with the other members of KISS on the Tom Snyder show in the late 70's. Watch as Gene Simmons looked like he wanted to kill Ace right there on live TV. And Ace's could you hate that laugh? If you have not had the pleasure of ever seeing this two-part interview, I highly recommend you check this out right now. Even if you HATE KISS

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monster-Mania Con 17 Preview

It's that time of year again. Spring is knocking in the door, pitchers and catchers have reported and oh yeah - Monster-Mania is returning to New Jersey starting this Friday from March. The festivities will continue until the 13th at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill.

From a personal perspective, last year's event was most notable not for the monsoon that slammed the area, but for some of the great new people I got to meet and the awesome new friends that were made. Unfortunately due to the weather, I had to cut it short. But not this time! 

This year I am looking forward to seeing some of those same faces and once again indulging in a lot of brew. My partner in crime, Dan, will be heading there with me again for more shenanigans. If you are attending, contact me and let's meet up for a drink or two...or three. Hopefully there will be Four Loko and some Epic Meal Time cake balls made just for Monster-Mania to get things going right.

Here's a look at who I have on my radar for potential celebrity signings:

"Monster-Mania's going to be smoking."

One of my favorite guitarists and someone who I have wanted to meet for a long time. I'm not a huge KISS fan, but Ace is the main reason I like the band. In fact, there is no KISS without Ace in my humble opinion. I hope I catch him drunk in the bar though. He is a gas when he's torked!

This actress is in two of my favorite films, Near Dark and Pink Floyd: The Wall. I should feel lucky to meet her in person, since Adrian Pasdar's interview on the 2002 Near Dark DVD interview painted her to be a "missing person".

I kinda got a thing for her. She's HAWT! You may remember her from Return of the Living Dead III, Xena, The O.C., more recently The Vampire Diaries.

Do I really have to type a mini-bio for them? You should know who these guys are.

The actress from a ton of goodies including Popcorn, Cutting Class and The Stepfather. She kinda like an icon for movie watching in my youth.

Jon Bernthal, Emma Bell and Laurie Holden. The Dead was a Man-Cave favorite on last year's list! And Bell is from another flick I love, Frozen.

I can only hope to meet at least half of the above list. At August's con, my celebrity greetings led to me walking away with barely anything sans a ROTLD Fright Rag and an awesome Boondock Saints artwork piece from the mega talented artist Joel Robinson.

More attendees include:

Actor/Director Nick Castle The original Shape from Halloween and director of The Last Starfighter

Lance Guest of The Last Starfighter and Jaws The Revenge

Fred "The Hammer" Williamson - Mr. Bad Ass himself

Dina Meyer from Starship Troopers and Saw

Night of the Demons reunion...but sadly without Linnea Quigley

Of course there is a lot more going on besides celebs running around the hotel, especially in the hotel bar and the dealers' room, so make sure you get your tickets now.

Click on the pics below to see and read the "Ghosts of Monster-Mania Past":