Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Man-Cave's "It" and "S***" Awards for 2011

Yes, this is yet another "Best of 2011" list from yet another site, so for your convenience, let's skip all the introductions and get right to it. Now mind you, I am not Roger Ebert or IGN, so I have not seen every film, TV show, album, et cetera out there. These picks are only from media that I have watched and probably have reviewed on this site in some way, shape or form. So don't get all bent out of shape if The Artist or Grey's Anatomy is not listed below. I have also spared the descriptions of why they were awarded because the selections are pretty obvious.


 Best Major Motion Picture:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Best Comedy:

Best Superhero Film:
X-Men: First Class 

  Best Indie Flick:  
Honorable Mention:   
I Didn't Come Here to Die

Best Cinematic Surprise:  
Paranormal Activity 3

Best Running T.V. Series:
The Walking Dead
Honorable Mention:  
The League

Best New T.V. Series:
Honorable Mention:  
American Horror Story

Best CD:
Wasting Light - Foo Fighters

Best Indie CD:  
New Beginnings - S.Y.F.T.

Best Song:
My Body - Young the Giant
Honorable Mention:
Rolling in the Deep - Adele

Best Sports Team: 
 Green Bay Packers

Best Sports Entertainer:
CM Punk 

Best PPV Event:
WWE Money in the Bank
Honorable Mention:  

Best Video Game:  
Batman: Arkham City
Honorable Mention:
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Best YouTube Show:
Z! True Long Island Story

Best Sports Moment: 
 LeBron James choking as the Dallas Mavericks 
win the NBA Title

Best Book: 
Husk - Matt Hults
Honorable Mention: 
 CassaStar - Alex J. Cavanaugh


Worst Major Motion Picture:  
Sucker Punch

Worst Comedy:  
Jack and Jill
Honorable Mention:  
Hall Pass

Worst Superhero Film:
Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Worst Indie Flick:  

Worst Cinematic Surprise:  
The Hangover 2

Worst Running T.V. Series: 
Bad Girls Club

Worst New T.V. Series:  
Charlie's Angels

Worst CD:  
Sorry For Party Rocking - LMFAO

Worst Song:  
Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae

Worst Disappointing Team:  
Philadelphia Eagles

Worst Sports Entertainer:  
Jeff Hardy

Worst PPV Event:  
TNA Victory Road 2011

Worst Video Game: 
Thor: God of Thunder

Congrats to the winners in both categories, thanks for reading and get ready for 2012. Agree or disagree with my selections? Maybe you have your own choices? Let me hear it in the Comments section below.


Chuck said...

Geof, loved this. I agree with the Foo Fighters and the Packers for sure. And I loved CassaStar but is was the only book I read this year!

For some weird reason (maybe the hot chicks) I really enjoyed Sucker Punch. I wouldn't watch Jack and Jill with a gun to my head. You are right about the Eagles, for all the dream team hype they got before the season started they were a bust. Proving once again that a team made of good players as individuals doesn't necessarily make a good team. Oh yeah...also agree with the Mavericks winning the title. Has been a banner 2011 sports year for me! Happy New Year, dude!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

While we don't agree on the best, we do agree on most of the worst. But worst team really should be the Colts. Just saying.

The Man-Cave said...

Thanks for checking out my list Chuck. Thought you'd like having the Packers in there!

The Man-Cave said...

Alex - I am going to go check out your list as well. The Eagles were so disappointing considering the fact that they were picked to win the Super Bowl and were called the "Dream Team" (not be me). Once the Colts lost Manning, I knew they were toast.

The Man-Cave said...

Wait, mention that Cassastar made the list! ;)

The Mike said...

Packers and Absentia? YES.

The Man-Cave said...

The Mike - the Pack has been killing bitches dead and are my pick to repeat. As for Absentia, I just loved it.

Ian said...

Aw shit. Haven't seen Hangover II yet.....was it that bad?

The Man-Cave said...

Hey Ian! It was so bad, that I need to completely wipe it from my mind when I watch the original nowadays. It dragged on. Let me know what you think if you ever check it out.

Aaron said...

Great list, but Matt Hardy was clearly robbed for the Worst Sports Entertainer of the Year award!

Korsgaard said...

Not a bad list, but There were FAR worse movies then Sucker Punch this year. Sucker Punch (at least the extended cut) has the potential to be a cult classic. I would have gone with The Conan remake myself.

Rich Flannagan said...

Sucker Punch? That was one of my favourites. I agree with your selection of Paranormal Activity though. Excellent film, and one of my favourite franchises at the min.

Dod said...

Great list, man!

I've got to see Absentia after seeing it on so many Top 10 lists.

That pic of Jeff Hardy pretty much says it all. Wonder if he was aware that picture was event taken.

Robocop said...

Glad to hear someone else is still on board with Walking Dead. Read lots of hate for the first half of Season 2, but ultimately I loved it.

Don't think Foo Fighters have ever disappointed me.

Haha, I actually enjoyed Sucker Punch as a dumb popcorn movie.

The Man-Cave said...

Aaron - Haha!! Do you know how hard I fought myself over which Hardy to select? Jeff won by a nose hair.

Kors - I have not seen the Conan remake yet...and now think I will wait a little longer after your testimonial.

Rich - PA3 was such a great comeback from the dreadful PA2. Love that fan camera angle!

Dod - Thanks! Yeah Jeff was in White Horse Land when that photo was snapped. He was singing his own theme song as he headed for the ring during Victory Road, so if that's any indication, then....yeah.

Robo - Don't get the hate for it either. It has been really engrossing all season and from what I read has stayed true to the books except for the bomb dropped in the mid season finale.

Matt-suzaka said...

Greta list, Geof! The only things I would change would be the worst major motion picture and worst disappointing team. I watched Sucker Punch the other night and, regardless of the moronic concept and music, I loved the visual slender of it all. It's certainly not a good film, but the eye candy, outside of the girls, is enough to tickle me just a bit.

As for sports team, there was no bigger disappointing than the collapse of the Red Sox this season! What a crock of shit that was! But hey, I can't imagine the Sox croaking in the stretch means hurts you as much as the Eagle, but boy was it an epic fail!

Hope you had a great New Year, man!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey Geof - thanks!! Sorry I missed this when you posted it. I am honored. Hope CassaFire lives up to the first book.

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