Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Weekend in Chicago: Fancypants movie premiere and Windy City Coolness

It’s been a long time since I simply wrote something about “me”, so I thought I should share my cool experiences from this past week. In September, I won a contest to visit Chicago to see the premiere of the film Fancypants, which included two round trip tickets and overnight accommodations at the luxurious Allerton Hotel downtown. Funny thing is that I learned about this flick’s existence covering another indie flick in a Florida film festival last spring for The 'Cave. My +1 for this adventure was my beautiful wife Jules, who I have been dying to take to the Windy City for the last three years.

Part of this premiere package included a walk down the red carpet for some photo ops and to answer some questions from the media. You all always read how I party like a rock star, but this time I felt like a movie star, if only for a couple of hours. 

After striking a pose, I met the film’s Executive Producer Daniel Hanson, the man who set up this whole deal, and his lovely +1. Shortly afterward, we made our way into the theater, where we noticed our reserved seats were the best in the house and in the middle of the film’s stars. Dan asked me to come up in front of the sold out, standing room only theater of a reported 600+ to answer the question "why I wanted to see Fancypants?” I will admit to being nervous and sober as a nun on Sundays, but I decided to just be me and say whatever came out of mouth...which is usually a bad idea. If I recall correctly, I said something along the lines of “Well Dan, the real question should be 'why wouldn’t I want to see Fancypants?' I love movies first and foremost. I have always loved pro wrestling since I was a little kid and still do to this very day. One of my goals in life is to see every Roddy Piper film ever made, and this continues that streak. Skolnik (Robert Carradine) from Revenge of the Nerds is in it. Seems like a slam dunk, but I will shut up now so we can get this thing going!” As I walked away I raised my hands above my head like I was Rocky Balboa, but luckily I refrained from saying something goofy like, “Woo Woo Woo…You Know It!” 

Following the film’s conclusion, I offered some congratulatory handshakes to some of the cast members and listened in on the Q&A. Director Joshua Russell and Hanson announced they just recently signed a distribution deal with Lightning Entertainment, which made me happy as a strong supporter of indie flicks. Jules and I also had tickets to the after party, but due to the flight delay in Philadelphia, delay in landing at ORD, the traffic jam to the hotel and rushing to get ready for the premiere, we hadn’t eaten since 8am and were starving. We reluctantly skipped out to grab some food at my favorite place to eat in Chicago, Kuma’s Corner. Heck, I even wrote a review on the place last year. Click here if you are interested in reading about the best burgers and mac-n-cheese made on the planet.

The following day, Jules got to see all of the lush stores in the area, but you can read about the girlie part of the trip on her blog. Our friends Chad and Amy flew in from out of town to hang out with us, which was a very special bonus to the trip. Yes, this is the same Chad who contributes to this site on occasion, so this was considered a staff meeting of sorts. The rest of the weekend was spent trying some new beer (as well as drinking some familiar ones), dining at a few fantastic eateries and touring parts of the city.

I have been to Chi-Town a handful of times and have always had a blast, but this trip was hands down the best time I had in the city. Between marking off a task in my bucket list AKA strutting down the red carpet like a baller, getting an all expenses paid trip and seeing my good friends Chad (who is coming back to The Man-Cave real soon FYI) and Amy, I don’t think this much combined awesomeness will be able to happen in the span of 60 hours in one place for a long time. Only bummer is the fact that I started getting sick on the plane heading back home, but I am hoping to be over my cold by tomorrow. Look for the review on Fancypants later this week!

Also be on the lookout for viral Facebook and Twitter pics of the film's poster in the coming weeks. Here's one now...


A Beer for the Shower said...

Dude, you lucked out. The weather here has been amazing for the past few days.

Chuck said...

Sounds like a blast dude! Can't wait to see the rest of the story.

iZombie said...

this is awesome, and sad... i would had you guys over for snacks... maybe a bowl of chili... i would have sent a limo... okay my mom in the dodge. congrats on your win!


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