Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Notorious Newman Brothers (2009) - see it free online

A film maker follows two gangster brothers around to gain an inside look at organized crime, but dealing with these two bumbling siblings might be more than he bargained for.

"Oh, Mama Mia!" Years before Toronto's Twin Terrors from Substance Production, Brett and Jason Butler, created the crack rock of all web series, Larry & Burt's Gut Rot, they made this hilarious and multiple film festival-winning mockumentary. The Notorious Newman Brothers is a about a geeky documentary film maker named Max Chaplin (Ryan Noel, also co-writer and director) who is contacted by two gangster brothers, Thunderclap (Brett Butler) and Paulie (Jason Butler) Newman, to follow them around for a few days and show him a behind-the-scenes look at the Mafioso lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, for young Max, the loud, foul-mouthed and seemingly dim-witted Newman brothers are about as un-Italian and non-gangster as you can get. They do not know the first thing about genuine Italian cooking, act like mafia film character stereotypes, and steal some really weird and inexpensive items during their heists. As Max spends more time with them and digs deeper into their past, he learns that they probably weren't arrested for "murder with a little bit of manslaughter" like they proudly proclaimed. This fact may be instantly obvious to the rest of us, but it takes Max some time to catch on.

Just when you think the Newmans' act can't get any more ridiculous, they always drop their alleged notorious level down another notch. Prime examples are the entire drug deal sequence and referring to their weed as if it were cocaine, calling it “pure” and “$4,500 a gram”. So the big question throughout the film keeps begging to be asked: are the Newman brothers the genuine article or are they just a couple of small time bumbling criminals who were only arrested for pirating DVDs?

From the first second of the opening scene to the last frame, The Notorious Newman Brothers is one giant laugh fest. The Newmans' ongoing, profanity-laced rants seem to be spoken out of completely spontaneous improvisation rather than through a structured script, and the Butler brothers work it like a charm. Whether it is an argument over who is a bigger fan of the all time whitest baseball player Carlton Fisk or hearing the worst Joe Pesci Goodfellas imitation ever present on celluloid, the comedy never stops. The film also wraps up very nicely with a funny, yet fitting ending. The fact that these guys made an 80-minute feature this funny and entertaining on a budget of only $500 CAD is nothing short of amazing and an example of using your brains over the almighty (Canadian) dollar to get a film made.

"Do yourself a f****** favour and see The Notorious Newman Brothers...the film the Mafia wished never got made." With a statement like that inscribed on the back of the DVD box, how could you not want to give this flick a try? And luckily you can see it now for free online all week at Black Flag TV.  

Here are the rest of the playing times this week:

7/1 Friday night (Saturday morning) at 12am
7/2 Sunday morning at 6am.

It will run all next month at random times, so check Black Flag's schedule if you miss these airings over the holiday weekend. Make sure to have your rubbing oregano handy.


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"4 out of 5 drunken dogs" - I'm digging the new rating system!

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Thanks for the rec- hadn't heard of this, but it looks hilarious.

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I dig the new rating system too. BTW, that's totally my dog.

The Notorious Newman Brothers said...

Boom! The Notorious Newman Brothers: Rubbed Oregano Edition is now available on DVD and digital download. So do yourself a f**king favour and check it out:

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