Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Bucket List: JAWS on Lake Travis

In the great state of Texas, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema team has been screening films in the most unique ways for several years, but none so intriguing than their annual Ultimate JAWS Floating Roadshow over the summer. Ever since I learned about this event a couple years back, I have been trying any and all ways to get out to Texas in the summertime just to be able to watch the 1975 Steven Spielberg blockbuster in an extremely unique and a bit creepy setting.

During this summer event, the Alamo Drafthouse team screens JAWS on a giant floating screen while attendees watch from their inner tubes as they float in the deep and dark Lake Travis. Doesn’t sound too scary, right? That is because I forgot to mention that this is an “interactive experience”, which delivers the creepiness part of the show.

For starters, the film begins at sunset. That’s right, this happens at night, in the dark. Not only are you floating in a deep, oceanic lake, but the whole thing goes down in pitch black.

Besides the fact that you are watching a film that made people afraid of going into the ocean even to this very day, and the fact that you are afloat in the dark, that does not sound too bad, no? Oh I almost forgot. To keep you on your toes, the team has divers who will bump your tube and pull at your floating limbs during certain “key” moments of the film.

And apparently the team has their own JAWS shark of some sort - a giant shark fin that cuts the water throughout all of the floating moviegoers. I think that even the bravest of souls might soil themselves in this circumstance. Add in the fact that recent information proves bull sharks can live and feed in fresh water as well as salt, and this might be the scariest aquatic haunted house ever invented.

Big thanks to Titans Terror & Toys for the pictures they snapped last year's event. Envying people is unhealthy but I can’t help but be jealous that the writers at Titans got to attend one of these. And I believe they got to see The Shark is Still Working during the same evening...which ups the jealousy factor tenfold.

Summer is right around the corner and whenever I think of summer, I think of one of my top all-time favorite films, JAWS. The event in Texas is one of their (if not “the”) most popular shows they have all year. It has gotten so big in fact, that they hold the event on three separate nights. 

What do you all think? Does this rule or drool? Sound like something you would venture to do if you are in Texas? Are you brave enough to accept the challenge?

If you have ever attended any of these showings, please comment here and save no details. And if you are in Texas, I suggest you make the trip to the lake and for a late night frightening swim.


allison said...

I think that sounds AWESOME and I would love to go, but I admit just imagining it made me a bit jumpy.

Strange Kid said...

:O WHA?!

This is (possibly) the coolest freaking theater gimmick ever (take that William Castle)! Man, I SO want to go to this now.

*shakes angry fist in air*


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Double bill! Throw in Lake Placid as well.

Chuck said...

Yeah I live in Dallas so this is just a couple hours south of me. I have known some people in Austin who have attended this and they were completely freaked out! I myself have not seen it.

Tim Mitchell said...

Yep, William Castle would be proud. Who needs a 3-D movie in a cineplex when you've got a "shark" swimming next to you in the water?

Planet of Terror said...

Dude, I'm in. And you know you have a place to crash for free out here in Dallas.

James said...

This sounds amazing!! I actually giggled nervously to myself as I read this post. I think I'd be far too cowardly to attend one of these screenings though. Watching Jaws is still a scary enough experience for me without actually watching it in water. With fake fins gliding past and divers nipping at my toes!

In Belfast every year as part of the film festival here we have screenings of various 'water' related films on a boat on the river Lagan. I've been to see Deliverance and last year they screened Mega-Piranha. Fun times. :)

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