Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Road to MM 17 continues with Ace Frehley's classic drunk moments

People say/do/imagine wacky things when they are drunk and I never hold that against them. Sure I will laugh, but never will I judge. In fact, more times than we wanna admit in our lives, we have all had some crazy drunken experiences. But luckily for people like us, we are never on TV for the world to see us in these "not-so" great drunken states. 

Which brings us to the subject of today's spotlight on the road to Monster-Mania, ex-KISS guitarist Ace Frehley. I am beyond uber excited to meet the legendary Frehley at the con, not only due to his skills as a musician, but because he is the funniest drunk ever recorded on TV. 

Keep in mind that I think Ace is the man and would love to hang out with him all sauced up. This post is a tribute and not written to mock Frehley in any way at all. New York Groove, Fractured Mirror, Ozone...FTW!

Below are some clips from his hilarious appearance with the other members of KISS on the Tom Snyder show in the late 70's. Watch as Gene Simmons looked like he wanted to kill Ace right there on live TV. And Ace's could you hate that laugh? If you have not had the pleasure of ever seeing this two-part interview, I highly recommend you check this out right now. Even if you HATE KISS


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I suspect you are an Ace fanboy!

Geof said...

As funny as it would be to admit, I'm honestly not. These drunken videos are truly hilarious though. I have seen the Snyder interview at least ten times in the past 6 years.

Carl Manes said...

Dude Ace is awesomer drunk than on guitar!

Left of Center said...

I was also at MonsterCon this weekend. We were in line for about 2 hours so my friend could meet Ace. It was good times. Side note: if you happened into the Rocky Horror performance at midnight, the chick playing Columbia is me. *waves*

Geof said...

Carl - his drunkness outshines his guitar skills. wait til you read my recap. He was a total dick.

Left of Center - yes I was at Rocky Horror on Saturday night and yes I do remember you. I gave you props for the fall during Time Warp! Thanks for the comment.

Left of Center said...

Ha thank you. :-) We LOVE doing that show, it's always a blast. :-)

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