Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do More Than Wear Pink This Month - Help Fright Rags Stick It to Breast Cancer

Even though it didn't seem possible, I just became a bigger fan of Fright Rags about ten minutes ago after reading an e-mail about their recent effort in the struggle against breast cancer. A friend of the Fright Rags community named Leisha is currently in a battle against an aggressive form of breast cancer. She is a young mother of two boys and her husband lost his job over a year ago - and medical insurance along with it. Now as she fights to regain her health with continued treatment, the medical bills with no insurance coverage are piling up. So Fright Rags has released a new t-shirt entitled "We Belong Alive" for a limited time only during October/Breast Cancer Awareness month, with all proceeds going towards Leisha and her family!!

I'm sure almost everyone knows someone close to them that is afflicted with some form of cancer, and I am certainly someone with many loved ones who are survivors. So if you can, please help. This is a real honorable thing Fright Rags is doing for her.

Since the first batch of shirts sold out in mere days, another batch is currently being printed. I can only think that this new batch will sell out as quickly as the first, so show your support against breast cancer and pre-order now before they are gone for good.

As the Bloodhound Gang says "Hooray For Boobies!" Let's do more than just wear pink this month - let's stick it to breast cancer and help Leisha in the process by ordering a "We Belong Alive" rag today!

Pre-order your limited edition "We Belong Alive" Fright Rag before they are gone!


T.L. Bugg said...

I'm wearing mine right now and loving it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great cause. Wonder if anyone would notice if I wore that shirt at the gym...?

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I think it's wonderful that they are doing so much to help fight the disease. And yay, you, for posting about it!! :-)

Geof said...

This is a topic I feel strongly about, but don't thank me. Thank the good people at Fright Rags for their efforts...and the people that sold out the first batch!

Dempsey Sanders said...

I think its fantastic Idea, it promotes awareness, the designs are great, a lot of effort and work going in for a good cause. Brilliant!

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