Thursday, October 14, 2010

Conan's coming back to late night!


You are probably wondering why I, an uber Conan O'Brien fan, am just now posting about this major announcement made months ago. Trust me when I tell you that I wanted to post about Conan heading to TBS the day it was made known to the world, but I did not due to superstition. The last time I posted about Conan's debut on his new Tonight Show, he was abruptly booted a few months later. Another reason for not posting about it was that November 2010 seemed like an extremely long time, but hey it's October and now is time to start getting excited!

The Man-Cave f
ollowed the entire debacle that was Leno/NBC vs. Team Coco for months, but I'm over it now. However, I have stayed true to my promise to never watch NBC on weeknights between 11:30 pm - 12:35 am. No skin off my nose because Leno sucks plain and simple. On the positive side of O'Brien's departure, I got to expand my horizons with my new found fandom for Colin Ferguson and his CBS show.

Conan's new late night talk show premieres November 8 at 11PM ET on TBS. Due to his split from NBC, his characters cannot be incorporated into his new show and I am unsure what new concepts he has in store for his audience. What is known is that Andy Richer will be coming back as well, but unfortunately Max Weinberg will not be heading up the band again. Another good thing is that Conan was able to bring in his entire crew that left their lives in NYC, followed him to L.A. for the Tonight Show and then were left unemployed after the NBC mishap in 2009. An extremely commendable move by Mr. O'Brien.

To promote his new show, TBS is flying a giant orange "Conan" blimp around the country. I was lucky enough to catch it in Philly earlier this month, but am not posting pics because they came out crappy. For more updates on the new show and to see if the Conan blimp is heading to your neck of the woods soon, check out the official Team Coco website.

As the nights are X'ed off the calendar, check out some these hilarious promo videos below:


TS Hendrik said...

You put up a ticker counting down the days so I merely suspected you were waiting till closer to the date to have a Coco party.

There will be a Coco party here, right?

Chuck said...

Oh yes there WILL be a party! We're kookoo for Coco!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Looking forward to his return!

Dorn said...

Premiers on my birthday...there'll be a party here!

allison said...

I think the new logo is cool, with his orange hair and name. But I won't be watching. After seeing him live, I'm pretty turned off.

Copyboy said...

I'm hoping his show does well and he brings back "in the year 2000."

California Girl said...

Came over from Life by Chocolate. Anyone with a blog titled "Enter the Man Cave" has to be funny.

Love the Conan videos. I saw the car bomb yesterday when my co-worker played it for me. And here you are with a whole bunch!

Conan on the Tonight Show was not so funny. I think they held him back as I'd enjoyed the Late Show. Leno, now back on Tonight, is just awful. I used to enjoy him but the entire experience has ruined the gig. Ah, Hollywood. If Conan's show is as funny as his promos, he's going to be great.

Jonny Metro said...

Can't wait for the return of CoCo. I've had the counter at the bottom of my blog for many moons, and it's slooooooowly been counting down. I haven't watched Leno since the whole debacle. But then again, I never watched him before either. I've always found him incredibly dull. Conan, though: He's the heppest cat in late night!


Steve G. said...

I'm excited! I actually just got a copy of his episode of Inside The Actor's Studio, and it's awesome. Just 90 minutes of him opening up and dropping the facade. That, along with one of his anniversary specials, has totally gotten me in the mood for his debut show. I'll probably do a live blog on it if I can.

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