Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shark Week 2010 Begins Tonight!

"Break Yourself, Hookah!"

I love sharks, so it is only natural that I am one of the many people who geek out for Discovery Channel's summer tradition Shark Week! Beginning tonight at 9pm, the DC will bring us at least five new pieces of programming for the shark-obsessed people of the world like myself.

Shark Week kicks off with Ultimate Air Jaws, a follow-up to Air Jaws and Air Jaws II. I wish they had a channel that showed Air Jaws-like clips all day: great whites soaring up from under their prey and snatching them in their powerful jaws while flying up in the air. Ultimate bad ass!

The rest of the week includes shows like:

- Shark Bites: Adventures in Shark Week (Wed. Aug 4th @ 10PM) with late night talk show host Colin Fergusson getting in over his head with the ocean's most dangerous creatures.

- Day of the Shark 3 (Mon. Aug. 2th @10PM) continues the series with more testimonials from shark attack survivors as they tell their chilling stories.

- Shark Attack Survival Guide (Mon. Aug. 2th @9PM) deals with Special Forces badass Terry Schappert and his instructions on how to survive against shark attacks...which does not include my defense of flat out pissing myself.

- Shark Bite Beach (Tues. Aug. 3th @9PM) with more dramatic recreation of shark attacks.

So if you have a craving for sharks, sharks and more sharks, this is the week you have been waiting for all year. Tune in tonight at 7pm with an airing of ETMC hall-of-fame inductee JAWS (1975) for some shark fantasy before the shak reality.

If you crave even more razor-toothed eating madness, then head over to the official Shark Week website for virtual shark dives, shark videos, games, pictures and more.

Happy Shark Week Everyone and thanks to the Discovery Channel for successfully doing this year after year!!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ironically, I just watched the Mythbusters where they debunk some of the scenes in Jaws.

Chuck said...

My wife and I are geared up for this week! It is the biggest, baddest show on in August!

McGriddle Pants said...

Sharks should have a week dedicated TO ME!!


Live every week like its shark week!

Emme Toaye said...

I must admit I do love Shark steaks with a good grilling and a little seasoning and of course some Champagne.
I do not usually like any kind of sea food, unless it is disguised very, very well. Maybe stuffed into a tomato that has been lightly grilled where it doesn't look like sea food. And never, never ever put sea weed on anything I eat. Don't attempt to make my pate' look like a fish because I won't eat it.
I do like shark meat, I suppose it doesn't taste "fishy" because of the human flesh they eat perhaps. Shark movies on the other hand are tolerable to my palate and I usually drink beer with them. Champagne wishes to you Geof and your great blog and a few beer kisses!

Joe Cap said...

I love shark week!!
And best of all, I am on a stay home vacation this week, so I can actually watch it.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, this brings back memories. I have a friend I worked with in the 90s that actually made herself a 'shark skirt' that she wore to celebrate shark week.

And on a related note, I learned today that Futurama was including a Sharktopus, coming soon...

Zombie Mom said...

Sharks terrify the pee out of of course I will be watching Shark Week!!

Geof said...

Alex - I remember seeing that one some years ago and I too saw the same re-air that you saw tonight.

Chuck - Glad you and the missus is as pumped as me!

McGriddle - That was the funniest s*** I heard all week. Don't worry, I will dedicate some weeks to your pants...errr..your mcgriddle pants...err...ok it is going to sound dirty no matter which way I rephrase it. Haha

Emme - you're speaking my language: eating sharks, champagne wishes and beer kisses. Right back at ya. Love your creative post!

Joe Cap - Enjoy your vacation lucky bastard! Picked a perfect one for a stay-at-home.

Hart - I would give you cash money if yo had a pic of that. A shark skirt? Doesn't get more sexier than that.

Zombie Mom - Shark Week is no fun til somebody pees themselves.

TS Hendrik said...

I used to enjoy shark week but then last year they had so many silly specials I just felt like they, I don't know... Jumped the shark.

You're endlessly welcome for that painful joke.

Geof said...

Only you could pull that joke off TS. Well played. Haha

Erik said...

Enjoying it thus far,in honor of it a great white was spotted in florida..Im serious,even made a post about it.

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