Saturday, July 4, 2009

Birthday Blow-out Recap

Well it really was not really a blowout, but it was a pretty good f'n time. Since I was in VA for the week, my friends decided to take me out, get pissed and party the night away. It was the greatest because my friends threw down some serious cash for me so I will have to return the favor when their birthdays come around. They are the best I tell ya.

Anywho, I did not want this to be a "look at me" thread, but I did want to post about a great present that Jewels got me for my birthday (and no I am not talking about anything dirty) - it is the Kindle DX and, to quote Peter Grifffin, it is freakin' sweet!


Since I travel a lot, I like to read on planes in between blogging and watching DVDs, so this is the perfect gift. My carry-on bag usually contains a laptop, external hard drive, DVDs in cases, a laptop power adaptor as well as other work-related items. So sometimes cramming a large book into my bag might be impossible. But no longer! This sucker is the size thickness of a magazine and Jewels even sprung to get me a real leather cover. She is the best!

Professional Leather Case...Baller-esque!

And last but not least, my cake:


A said...

that is awesome! i love looking at kindles.. key word being LOOKING. i kinda wanna spring for one, but i cant really justify it. how about you ask jewels to get me one too, and while you're at it, hook me up with your friends who go all out on your birthday! my friends are flakes EVERY weekend, i cant remember the last time i partied all night =/ (as the stern crew would say - waaaaah hahaha)

seriously, review the kindle once you use it a lot. ive heard it doesnt hurt your eyes like a lot of people thought, and you can actually "turn" pages and stuff.

Geof said...

Most definitely Allison! I can't wait to get it hooked up and going. So I will give an update on its functionality, pros and cons once I get using it.

Oh and Jewels can't get you one because she does not have another kidney to sell in order to buy this one too. ;)

Yeah my friends are great. If you are ever in the city of brotherly love, we can all have a blast. =)

J. Astro said...

Niiice - happy belated B-day, dude, and Happy 4th!

Geof said...

Thanks J. I appreciate it!

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